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Filling with the same color

The good news is that, when you place a layer on top of an existing layer, the top layer takes the color as you draw it. The bad news is that you can’t see the color you are creating on top of an existing layer. In figure 1-10, the image on the top layer is gray because I created it on top of a gray layer.

The easy way to transform the layer, using the Transform commands, is with the Free Transform command (Ctrl+T on a Mac). When you see an orange box around

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Elements can be used with macOS, macOS Catalina, iPadOS, and iOS 12, macOS Mojave, iPadOS 10.3, tvOS 12, and iOS 12.

This article is about the program. However, please see the paragraph below for a brief review of the abilities of the program.

Review of the main features

I explain Photoshop in a wide variety of aspects. I explain major features of the program, the interface, and plugins. But I will mention the new features.

For those of you who have never used Photoshop, I will give you a brief review of the program. I explain Photoshop by showing some specific examples. You can compare the new features with those of the standard version.

The famous parts of the program

There are a few parts of Photoshop that you know well. In this section, I cover these parts and explain them in more detail. The new features will be explained in the next section.

The file workspace

Photoshop is completely different in terms of working on a photo.

In other graphics editors such as Corel, InDesign and Illustrator, you have panels that include tools for selecting, masking, pasting, moving, and so on. Here, you have the file workspace.

You can use the cursor to select an object, make a selection around an object, copy and paste an object, zoom in and out, and move objects.

Editor’s note: You can see what file workspace is and how to use it in the video above.

You can also save your work to.psd format, which is different from.jpeg format. If you have a lot of images, you can create a folder containing them and save all of them as.psd files. If you have a single image, you can open this image in Elements then click File > Save for Web > Save as Webpage.

Tool panels

There are six tool panels in Photoshop for editing and working.

Most of the functions are located in panels such as the lasso tool, healing tool, various tools, the curves tool, and so on. For these functions, you do not use the mouse, but you use your fingers instead.

There are three main panels that you do not see.

Photoshop is a program that works with masks, layers, and so on. You use these areas to work with photos or to make new images

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Erasing can be done in Photoshop using either the eraser or the erase bucket. The Eraser, shown in Figure 2-9, is useful for correcting simple problems like removing dust or correcting fingerprints. The Eraser works by using an underlying layer of semi-transparent pixels to mark the edge of an area that you want to erase. Then you can either erase or simply paint with black to fill up the area you want to remove.
The Erase Bucket, shown in Figure 2-10, allows you to erase anything that is beneath the bucket and is not selected. The bucket is useful for correcting problems like removing a repeated band of color across a large area of an image or for cleaning up white areas where there is too much paper or whiteboard.
All brushes in Photoshop are stored in sets called libraries. To load a brush set, click the Image/Brush Library icon in the Photoshop UI. This will load the brush library into Photoshop and place each brush in a palette. Each brush palette can be set to a color range or matched with a specific image to provide a color palette for the brush set. Photoshop gives you several options for formatting brush palettes:

Styles: These are fields that describe the appearance of the brush. These fields include a line style, gradient, width, and size.

Pattern: The pattern allows you to select a pre-made brush pattern from the Brush menu. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from, including a number of weather textures and other popular Photoshop brush sets.

Tip: Each brush set also includes several default patterns (including a color wheel, a wood grain, and a few more) that you can use as is or load into Photoshop and apply to brush sets to create new custom brushes. To access the set of default patterns, click to select a brush, then go to the Brush menu and choose Pattern Brush, shown in Figure 2-11.

Figure 2-11: Use the Pattern Brush to modify the default pattern brush set.

Figure 2-12 shows a small sample of brushes. You can zoom in and out of these brushes by using the Ctrl + or – key on your keyboard, or you can click the View Options icon in the upper right corner of the window.

Figure 2-12: Brushes range from an eraser to a brush to a pattern for Photoshop users.

Photoshop brushes are stored in a font file in a specific directory called Brushstroke. You can open and modify the Brushstroke

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