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This article tells you what you need to know about Photoshop and how you can get started.

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Easy Layer Setup

We’ll start by showing you how to add and remove layers. Using Photoshop’s layer system is similar to using a family tree. You have a grandparent, parent, children, and grandchildren. The Photoshop workspace has layers, just like a family tree, with one grandparent, parent, children, and grandchildren. You can change the order of the layers, or even combine or remove layers.

How to Add and Remove Layers

Photoshop uses layers to enable you to enhance, modify, and organize your images. It’s easy to add, move, and change the order of layers.

Adding Layers

You can add a new Photoshop image layer by using a new layer icon in the toolbar.

The Photoshop window allows you to see and select which layers are currently active and visible in the window. At the bottom of the Photoshop window, you can see the current active layer in your image.

When the image layer becomes active, Photoshop uses that layer to work on your photo, whether it’s converting it to a new size, adding or changing an image, or modifying the colors.

To create a new layer, click New Layer on the Layers palette. You can also select Layer > New Layer or press the Shift+CMD+N keyboard combination.

If you want to add another layer to your image, choose the layer below the active layer, or click the layer above the active layer.

When you add a new layer, Photoshop automatically arranges the layers in the order you add them. If you added the layer below the active one, then Photoshop makes the new layer the active layer. You can also rearrange the layers using the Layer > Arrange Layers or the Layer > Layer Arrange options.

You can remove a layer at any time by clicking the trash can icon in the Layers palette, or by using the Layer > Layer By Layer or Layer > Layer Via Copy options.

You can change the order of layers by clicking the layers thumbnails in the Layers palette, or by using the Edit > Arrange Layers options.

Photoshop layers can contain other Photoshop layers in layers. If you move a layer containing a copy of another layer, you can also change

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The features of Photoshop are designed for professionals but this tool can also be used by individuals looking to edit their own images with ease. It is easy to navigate, intuitive and has some fantastic presets to make your photos look great from the beginning.

Below is a review of Photoshop Elements to help you choose which version is right for you.

Editor’s note: All screenshots in this guide were taken directly from Photoshop Elements 2018. (You can also find a key on the bottom of every page to help you get back to the pages you were at when you closed the program. Just right-click your mouse on a page and select “Open in new tab”)

Getting Started in Photoshop Elements

Unlike Photoshop, where a user needs to have experience to edit images, Photoshop Elements is simple to use.

To begin working with Photoshop Elements you first need to get the software downloaded. You can download it from their website or you can use a free download link here to get it on Windows and Mac.

If you don’t know how to download software and you are on Windows, you can visit this site for help.

You can open the application by double-clicking on the program icon or pressing Ctrl + X. If you are using macOS, double-click on the program icon to open it.

You need to first create your account, which gives you access to the software and allows you to customize your account. You can sign up through the link on the home page. Once you sign in, you will receive an email with your account details. You will need to provide a valid email address and create a password.

The first thing you will see after you have logged in is the 3D view, where you can quickly edit and save your photos. The 2D view is for editing photos.

Photoshop Elements will automatically go into the 2D view as soon as you select the appropriate tool from the toolbar. However, you can also go back to the 3D view by clicking on the button at the bottom left-hand side of the image you are editing.

Let’s Edit an Image in Photoshop Elements

When you are ready to start editing your images, select “New” from the toolbar.

A dialog box will pop up asking you what file format you are using, what size you want to make your images and what sort of file it should be saved in.


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