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# TIFF: The versatile format of choice

A standard used in a variety of devices, including cameras, scanners, and printers, TIFF (also known as Tagged Image File Format) is an image format that uses many technical features to ensure that the file contains the original image data.

TIFF is a compressed file format, so it’s not as large as many other formats. Most major image editing programs can open TIFF files. However, some cameras store images in the TIFF format.

To open and edit files in TIFF format, you may need the TIFF plugin for Photoshop or other programs. This plugin is available for Microsoft Windows. If you need to open TIFF files in Windows, follow these steps:

1. Download the TIFF plugin and extract the file using the right click–right-click menu option.
2. Run the TIFF plugin and click on Add New.
3. Under Plug-ins, select the desired application and click on Install.
4. Double-click the TIFF plugin to add it to the program.

You can find additional information on TIFF at the Wikipedia website (``).

# ICC: A color profile for the pros

In addition to the various color editing options available in Photoshop, another important tool is the ICC (International Color Consortium) color profile.

If you plan to print your images on a color printer, you can use color management to ensure color consistency with images displayed on color screens and printing software. This book doesn’t cover color management techniques in detail, but the basics are as follows:

* The color management system is used for calibrating the display to the display color and calibrating the color workflow to the color of the output device.
* To use color management effectively, you should organize your color images according to color profiles.

To open an ICC file, follow these steps:

1. Download the color profile file.
2. Double-click the file.
3. Select the desired color model for the file.
4. Select the data inspector to change the profile display settings, such as the profile display mode, profile display and input controls, profile settings, and profile defaults.

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While all of these tools have different functions and so are somewhat irrelevant in their own right, this article examines the features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Why is Photoshop better than Photoshop Elements?

Both Photoshop and Elements are powerful tools, but in some ways, Adobe Photoshop is better than Photoshop Elements for different reasons:

The user interface

Adobe Photoshop is easier to use and more intuitive than Photoshop Elements.

For one thing, Photoshop Elements’ interface is a bit confusing. Every time you choose one of the toolboxes, you’re required to click File ▸ Open, so if you have a lot of files to open, it can get tedious.

There are also a number of keyboard shortcuts that are useful for working with files. Photoshop has a lot more keyboard shortcuts than Photoshop Elements does:

The built-in layer mode

It’s hard to live without the built-in layer mode, Photoshop’s ability to work with different types of layers. With a single click, you can easily turn an image into a smart object.

Adobe Photoshop allows you to work with multiple layers quickly. For example, if you are editing a photo of a restaurant, you can simply add a new layer that lets you zoom in on a particular part of the image, making it easier to examine details.

With Photoshop Elements, you are only able to work with a single layer, but the Photoshop toolbox lets you work with layers. With Elements, you need to use the menu option Edit ▸ Make a Smart Object before you can edit a layer.

With Elements, it can be much more frustrating to accidentally switch between two layers, and the menu settings of elements are limited.

Check out our tutorial on how to use layers in Photoshop Elements, and we’ll show you how to switch between layers in Photoshop.

The import options

Adobe Photoshop makes it easy to import images from RAW files and digital cameras.

With Elements, you can import RAW files, but the files that can be imported vary and there is no RAW feature.

In fact, Photoshop Elements does not allow you to edit RAW files, but it does offer a decent overview.

Working with RAW files is a good option if you want to ensure that your images are shot at the highest quality or if you own a digital camera that is capable of capturing RAW files.

The selection tools

While the selection tool

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