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#3 Advanced Image Filter

For advanced photographers looking to spice up their images, Photoshop’s advanced image filter is a great tool to add depth and dimension to their photos.

Photoshop’s advanced image filter features 5 types of multiple layer effects that enable photographers to create an image with more realistic effects. The effects range from vibrant color effects to old-world sepia tones. It’s simple to use and allows photographers to achieve a variety of effects, all while taking advantage of the power of Photoshop’s image editing features.

#4 Spot Healing Tool

If Photoshop’s advanced image filter isn’t quite cutting it, the Spot Healing Tool may do the trick. It is one of Photoshop’s most useful tools, capable of removing blemishes, healing tears, and removing unwanted spots from an image. Spot Healing Tool’s most distinctive feature is its ability to spot-heal blemishes and unwanted spots in an image, no matter what size they are.

#5 Layer Mask

Photoshop’s layer mask is a powerful tool for enhancing and modifying images. It allows for simple removal or creation of objects on an image by simply filling in black or white areas, and can be further enhanced by using the Brush Tool to achieve some really artistic and unique effects.

#6 Free Transform

Photoshop’s Free Transform feature is a great tool for quickly and easily resizing and moving images. It is also a valuable tool for keeping and organizing images.

#7 Advanced Healing

Photoshop’s healing feature is a quick and effective way to repair photo damage. It allows for easy removal of scratches and spots in an image.

#8 Warp

The Warp tool is another powerful tool for manipulating images and creating fun effects. It is easy to use and has a variety of effects that can be applied to images to achieve a variety of amazing results.

#9 Dodge & Burn

The Dodge & Burn filter is used to enhance light and dark areas of a photo to make them brighter, darker, greener, bluer, or browner. Dodge and Burn images can be further enhanced by using the Brush Tool or other methods.

#10 Composite

The Composite feature in Photoshop is similar to the Windows® composite editing window, used for editing and compositing images or video together. For example, the Composite feature is great for creating photomontage images like those popular with graphic designers and used

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Upgrading to Photoshop from Elements

The basic idea is that you have an old user account in Elements that will remain untouched for as long as you upgrade to it. You can change your password and email, though, so be careful not to link your current account to that old one.

The recommended way of upgrading to Photoshop is to make a new account on the same computer on the account which you want to upgrade. Then, log into the new one and remove all your images and documents from the old one.

Installing software


In Windows, you need to know how to install software. We will be assuming you are new to Windows and you don’t know how to do it.

First, you need to download the software. Installers will be either a.exe file (Windows 10) or a.dmg file (Windows 10).

Open the downloaded.exe or.dmg in your computer and follow the instructions.


You can download free software to create a virtual machine for the version of Photoshop you need. Then, you can install it.


You can download software from the website of the manufacturer or from an online repository.

If you choose to download from the manufacturer, it will be a.tar.gz file.

You can run.tar.gz files in Linux with a special tool called bzip2. To install this, you need to first create a folder.

Create this folder in the home directory of your user and name it.tar. If you don’t have a user home directory, create one.

tar -xvf path/to/file.tar.gz

Open the folder and move the tar file to the folder that was created.

In the folder created, execute:

cd folders/foldername

Install all the software in this folder by running



make install

In most cases, you can stop here as it will work. However, you might have dependencies.

To find dependencies, you can run:

./configure –help

You can see help by running:

./configure –help-all

To compile dependencies, you need to run:

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/Adobe

Note: you can change this by using the custom option.

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Angular 2 – export scope property in file

Is it possible to export scope property for an Angular 2 component/service?
I tried to use angular services but it seems not possible to do this.
export class myComponent {
appName = this.appName;

instead of
export class myComponent {

import { Directive } from ‘@angular/core’;

selector: ‘[appName]’,
export class AppNameDirective {
// ngOnInit() {
// console.log(‘directive in appname.ts’);
// }

import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’;

export class AppNameService{
appName:string = “appname”;

export * from ‘./export’;

import { MyComponent } from ‘./mycomponent/mycomponent’;
import { AppNameService } from ‘./appname/appname.service’;

declarations: [
imports: [
providers: [AppNameService],
export class AppModule {


Finally I found how to do this. I used @Injectable() instead of Class.
import { Directive } from ‘@angular/core’;

selector: ‘[appName]’,
export class AppNameDirective {
// ngOnInit() {
// console.log(‘directive in appname.ts’);
// }

I imported it

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How Many Machines Does Amazon Operate?

Re: How Many Machines Does Amazon Operate?

For the purposes of comparison the Internet Retailer Top 500 Survey calculated that this year about 1.35 million online shoppers have the minimum threshold of buying $500 in goods from a single retailer (Macy’s, J.C. Penney and Zappos in the Top Five and Sam’s Club, Costco, and Walmart in the Top 10). If Amazon is a Top 10 and has a share of 10% of the market, and its sales are, say, $6 billion per year, its average monthly sales of $198 million means a total of $2.9 billion a year for machine sales.

Based on his comparison to Sears–the retailer currently catering to the mass market, and which has about 2.5% of the market, or 300,000 in-store and online sales annually–I put Amazon’s share at 0.3% (300,000/2,900,000).

This would be a start. But it would be a zero-sum game, meaning that other manufacturers would have to adjust for Amazon’s fall in sales or increase their prices to make up for its share.

Thus, making this a competitive struggle to hold back Amazon’s growth, just like how powerful a competitor such as Wal-Mart can regulate the price of staples like milk, bread, and toilet paper, which are the sources of profit in the corner store where many unemployed people shop. When giant retailers apply these rules, it should be no surprise that they hold up prices and stifle growth. And that’s a loss for everyone.Q:

How to select multiple values in codeigniter date_formater

The default date_format in codeigniter is “dd/mm/yy”.
I can get all data related to today but I want to also to get one more from other table.
my table code :
$this->db->join(‘product_sales’, ‘product_sales.product_id =’, ‘inner’);
$this->db->join(‘product_order’, ‘

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Download In Laptop:

– Support for 32-bit OS (32-bit and 64-bit)
– Support for high definition (HD) resolution (1080p)
– Support for screen size of 1060 or greater (1440p)
– OpenGL 3.0 or greater
– DirectX 11 or greater
– A Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows 7, 8, or 10 (minimum Windows 7)
– Space to install more than 50GB
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