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Layer Styles are not actually filters.

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How to use an HTML5 web page, aka HTML5-PWA, or Progressive Web App. Read more to be informed by an expert.

How to get offline with mobile web standards, or more precisely, how to use HTML5’s offline and service workers APIs.

In this post, you will see for yourself how to transform a photo into a black & white, sepia or grayscale image. We will use the proprietary Adobe Photoshop Elements to make the edit, but other software or graphic designs will be equivalent.

As with other editing software, a series of steps is required to transform an image into a B&W, sepia or grayscale version. In this post, we will see how to use ImageMagick, a large-scale open source library for image manipulation, to generate a B&W, sepia and grayscale image, even if you don’t have a specific step by step tutorial.

To start the tutorial, you just need to download the free software package ImageMagick.

Step 1. Download ImageMagick

ImageMagick is a set of image processing tools that can be used to manipulate and transform images. In this post, we will see the use of several ImageMagick command line commands to create a B&W, sepia and grayscale image.

You can launch the software from the terminal or by clicking on the ImageMagick icon in the system (ImageMagick’s website) menu or on the desktop.

The software is very user-friendly.

You can use the following command line commands:

convert : to create an image or manipulate it.

: to create an image or manipulate it. identify : to create an image and automatically identify it.

: to create an image and automatically identify it. montage : to create a montage of several images.

: to create a montage of several images. montage -pattern “transparent green” : to create a patterned montage.

: to create a patterned montage. montage -pattern “transparent gray” : to create a montage in gray.

To create a B&W image, you have to use a command line that says convert ~~ -fuzz 10% ~~ -fill black -opaque black ~~ -grayscale ~~.

: to create an image

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Additional Notes:
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