The X3F file type is a RAW image photo taken by digital cameras with X3 sensors. The X3F format is popular because the files contain compressed raw data with a preview image and all the information needed to archive top-quality photographs and to render them to output files for different uses.
However, .X3F files can easily become corrupted so that RAW .x3F digital photos cannot be accessed.
X3F Repair helps you to quickly open and fix a damaged or corrupt X3F file.







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X3F Repair is a program that can be used to repair a damaged or corrupt X3F file (X3F error file) in any way as needed.

X3F Repair can:

Restore lost X3F file

Open & view corrupted X3F file

Convert X3F file format to another

Find a specific part within a X3F file

Search for duplicate files or similar names

Find lost file names in a folder

Find the real path and name of a file

It was developed to work with X3F files. But it can also work with popular image file formats like TIFF and JPG.
The software includes all the necessary drivers needed to directly access X3F files on your system.

Does X3F Repair support work with images or with X3F files?
Yes. X3F Repair supports all the file types to which you need to open and/or convert X3F files and you can save them to popular image formats.

Is X3F Repair compatible with all the X3F files?
Yes, X3F Repair supports all X3F files with all the preview images available for preview.

Does X3F Repair support all the versions of X3F files?
Yes, the program has been tested with all the X3F files available in the recent versions of the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Does X3F Repair support all the formats of X3F files?
Yes, X3F Repair can work with all X3F files. The program supports all the features of X3F files.

Does X3F Repair fix X3F files?
Yes, X3F Repair can repair an X3F file and can also open and view the image data.

Why does X3F Repair not fix X3F files?
The program can repair X3F files. But it can also recognize the problem. Sometimes you may want to repair a X3F file and would like the program to repair it automatically. This is not possible. When the software does recognize a problem with a particular file it offers you to repair it or choose a specific action depending on what is wrong with it. By simply choosing the repair option you have the possibility to do the repair job yourself.

How can I find a broken X3F file when I cannot open it?
X3F Repair helps

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X3F Repair Full Crack is the most efficient RAW photo file repair software on the market. It can open.x3f files which other software can’t.
How to open.x3f files using Cracked X3F Repair With Keygen software?
Simply run the X3F Repair Cracked 2022 Latest Version program and follow the instructions..X3F Repair Cracked 2022 Latest Version can recover all the information from any corrupt and damaged.x3f files. You can easily open any X3F files, it will never damage your own original RAW files.
.X3F Repair is also helpful if you want to convert your raw pictures into other RAW format such as.NEF or JPEG, then it can easily do this job.

X3F Repair supports all the.X3F formats and also has a simple and visual editing mode. The X3F Repair software always gives you a clear and friendly user interface so that it’s very easy to use for any level of users.
X3F Repair is equipped with a RAW picture recovery engine, which can detect various errors and recover RAW data.

X3F Repair provides previews so that you can view the contents of a damaged file. You can do the preview with the original RAW file from the camera or with the recoverable RAW data.

X3F Repair uses advanced technologies to enable users to open a RAW.x3f image and to preview the corresponding recovered preview image. It can also recover all the other formats that can open a.x3f file, so you don’t need to use a.x3f converter.

X3F Repair is the easiest way to open and repair.x3f photos. It can also open any type of RAW formats, so you don’t need to convert to another format.

Automatic RAW Recovery:
It enables the software to automatically try to recover the image file when it detects RAW data has been corrupted.

16 Bit RAW:
If necessary, the software can recover RAW files in a 16 bit format.

Reference Images:
Reference images are images used to test the recovery efficiency. X3F Repair uses reference images to compare the recovered data with the original data, so it can detect any errors which are not recovered from the corrupted file.

This software is the property of the developer and has been purchased and used by you under the terms and conditions of a license agreement. Any and all reproduction rights are reserved by X3F Repair and you are not permitted

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Open EXIF data, update date and time, edit the camera calibration parameters, and more.

Open and fix:

Perfect for displaying the contents of the damaged or corrupted image file (Full image preview, X3F details).

Shows the number of failed image files found when opened.

A download is not available because the file is damaged/corrupted and could not be repaired


You can give feedback about how to improve the software for others or you can send e-mail to [email protected] or
NOTE: Please note that NS-Soft looks for best antivirus or anti-malware software to detect if malware is present.

Guide of.x3f Repair

Open a corrupted or damaged X3F file in X3F Repair

Select Repair the X3F File that has a problem option in the main window and open it

You can check and repair image files in the following steps:

Select an image file that you want to repair.

Click the Repair the X3F File that has a problem option in the main window.

Select between the Input and Output file options in the main window.

On the main window, you can view the information of the input and output files, and you can see a preview of the damaged or corrupt image.

Click the Edit button, that opens the Open EXIF and Update Image parameters. Click OK.

Click the image preview to see the preview of the repaired image. Click the OK button to exit.

• Scanning and opening a file is a very fast operation.

• You can set the file as the default one in the main window.

• It is very easy to restore your X3F file by your favorite RAW editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop.

• You can easily use the X3F Repair program without installing a program.

• You can safely handle.x3f files.

• X3F Repair allows you to repair and save a damaged.x3f file. It shows you all the parameters needed to recover data.


You can give feedback about how to improve the software for others or

What’s New In?

X3F Repair is a powerful utility that repairs damaged or corrupt.X3F files. You can use it to open corrupted RAW.x3f files and extract the image data. All the information is retained in the repaired file as well and is usable for image processing.
X3F Repair will fix.X3F files that were corrupted by:

Corrupt files due to power failure or overheating of the camera while taking pictures.

Stalled / hang-up in processing

Corrupted disks

Software crash

Damaged files in different ways

.x3f file photo damaged by software or camera malfunctioning.

Corrupted.x3f photos due to power surge, unexpected camera reset, disk crash, or virus damage on your computer.

Scanner corruption of the.x3f file, including the.x3f file which was created by a different scanner.

Corrupted.x3f file due to use of an incompatible imaging software.

X3F Repair is designed to fix.x3f file problems with all kinds of software available today.

As an example, the RAW.x3f file of the Canon XF30 is a very large file measuring 30 MB in size.
This is not unusual when taking multiple pictures with Canon EOS 1100D with XF30 camera module.

Shot a set of pictures.

Registered the image files with the EOS Utility.

Then the Canon EOS Utility was stopped working.
The EOS Utility cannot open the.x3f file at the time.

Download the X3F Repair program.

Open X3F Repair.

Click the button “Load to Scan”.

Browse to locate the X3F file and choose it.

Click the button “Load to Scan”.

Wait until it finishes scanning the file.

Right click the “X3F Repair” tray icon.

Choose “open”.

X3F Repair begins its analysis of the.x3f file.

If it is your first time using this program, it will take a while to create a list of your imaging requirements.

Click the button “Repair”.

Watch the program work on repairing the.x3f file.

When the repair is completed, a repair log file (.

System Requirements For X3F Repair:

Supported OS:
Mac OS 10.9 or later.
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or later
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA 950 or later
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Internet Access: Broadband internet connection
Additional Notes: Not compatible with older Intel graphics cards.
Additional Notes: Not compatible with older Intel graphics cards. System Requirements:Mac OS 10.9 or later.Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core