Vector Converter is a tool to transform SVG in VML, SVG in GIF, VML in GIF and viceversa, using XSLT language and PHP.
Vector Converter works in a browser window and is very easy to use once installed. Simply select the file and the type of conversion needed and click convert.
■ PhP
■ Web Browser
■ Web Server







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Vector Converter is a tool to transform SVG in VML, SVG in GIF, VML in GIF and viceversa, using XSLT language and PHP.
The main interface on which you can select the file to be converted and the type of conversion.
All you have to do is select the file and the desired type of conversion, and click on convert.
Browsers supporting XSLT language for convert SVG files, including firefox, internet explorer, chrome, opera, safari, etc., are supported.
In addition, the XML file which records the conversion may be saved locally, in a server folder or in a server.
The main advantage of Vector Converter is the use of a single file, or a folder with several files, for several conversions.
This simplifies the design of user interfaces.
The main disadvantage is the conversion time.
Special formatting is done when the conversion is not successful and VML files that can not be displayed.
We recommend that in the conversion file, there are comments to explain the size. For example:

XSLT files are converted in an HTML file, which informs the use of the embedded CSS file.
These files can be uploaded to a server and be accessed by browsers which support SVG as HTML5.
For the moment there is no support for IE8 and older.
In the case of IE9, IE10 and IE11, there is a similar tool, but it works in Internet Explorer.
But the best work in Firefox which works in Internet Explorer.
The original file can be saved in the local directory or in a server directory.
■ Simple and intuitive interface.
■ Converts XML files which are the original SVG file or an HTML file with embedded CSS file, so that browsers that support SVG in HTML5 can be used to view the conversion.
■ Converts VML files that can not be used in browsers and can not be displayed.
■ Firefox for creating an XML file that records the conversion and to which comments have been added.
■ XSLT files, which convert VML files that can not be used in browsers.
■ If the conversion is successful, the resulting SVG, VML or GIF in a local folder.
■ If the conversion is unsuccessful, the resulting SVG, VML or GIF can be displayed in browsers that support SVG in

Vector Converter

This is an XSLT transformation engine to convert graphic and
graphical data from one format to another. It’s helpful when you
need to send graphical information over the Internet. The
language is quite easy to learn and will enable you to create
customers, bills and other graphical documents.

The XSLT editor includes an integrated help facility.
This can be useful in developing your own templates for use within
your own application. For more details, see
If you would like to use your own XSLT file or your own stylesheet,
copy the file into the template directory for this engine. You will
need to install the file into the template directory using the
t_make_stylesheet_file() function. This function will also install the
XSLT file automatically if it is not already installed. See

The XSLT editor uses the Zend Framework for PHP and is
available as an extension to the Zend Framework.

An XML Schema Library is a library for creating validating XML files that can be used by XML validating tools such as Xerces. It works with PHP’s SimpleXML, DOM and DOMDocument.
■ Zend Framework

This is a PHP library that can be used to read database rows and create dynamic HTML tables with PHP. It can be used for both MySQL or SQLite databases. The basic structure of the classes is explained in the class library article.

The libDB class is meant to contain the database-related functions and classes available in PHP. It also contains the mysql_, sqlsrv_, mysqli_ and sqlsrv_ functions. Thus, you should be able to connect to MySQL with the same commands using these functions as you would with the MySQL database. The sqlsrv driver uses TDS, so you will have to have a Microsoft ODBC 3.0 driver installed in your PHP installation. It is recommended that you also install a Microsoft ODBC driver to use this library. See
The db.mysql driver uses the MySQL SQL driver for communication with the database server. The db.mysql driver will not work with the MSOD

What’s New in the Vector Converter?

Vector Converter is a tool to convert SVG in VML, SVG in GIF, VML in GIF and viceversa, using XSLT language and PHP. It is possible to convert a single SVG file or multiple files at the same time, then they can be saved as VML, GIF, SVG or images, with the rest of the images you may want.
This means that you can have hundreds of vector images in a folder, without having to unzip them, and then convert them individually.
Plus you can edit the original SVG.
This means that it is possible to customize the resulting image.
Until this moment it was not possible to do it.
It is possible to save the resulting image in different formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, JPG and TIFF.
After the conversion, the resulting image is in PNG format.


Full online documentation

Documentation is available in HTML (with or without PDF output).

For users, developer, designer

The ZIP archive contains all the files necessary to install and use the tool.

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(function (root, factory) {
if (typeof define === ‘function’ && define.amd) {
// AMD. Register as an anonymous module unless amdModuleId is set
define([“jquery”], function (a0) {
return (factory(a0));
} else if (typeof module === ‘object’ && module.exports) {
// Node. Does not work with strict CommonJS, but
// only CommonJS-like environments that support module.exports,
// like Node.

System Requirements For Vector Converter:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2 GHz dual-core CPU
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 460 (2GB or equivalent)
DirectX: Version 9.0c (DirectX 11)
DirectX: Version 9.0c (DirectX 11) Hard Drive: 1.5 GB available space
Processor: 3 GHz dual-core CPU
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 460 (2GB