Duplicate folders and files stored in your computer occupy disk space that can be used for storing additional data and thus, removing them is rather important. V Folder Dups focuses on finding dupe directories on your hard drive and allow you to easily erase them.
It's important to specify from the start that this small application cannot find duplicate files, since it is especially designed for comparing and finding exact copies of whole folders only. To do so, it compares the name, number of sub-folders, files and the total size of the directory, but it does not look at its content.
The main interface consists of a single window that comprises all the options and features. Configuring the application is an easy task, since you just have to specify the location of the drive or folder to analyze and set the comparison criteria.
Comparing folders exclusively by their name might generate less accurate search results, but you can extend the criteria range, as mentioned above. Optionally, results can be filtered by their name and size.
Depending on the number of directories on a drive and their size, the analysis process can take more or less time to complete. The found items are neatly displayed in tree view and a few management options are available in the context menu. Thus, you can open directories in Windows Explorer to view their contents, open the parent folder or simply delete them from the system with just a click.
Ease of use is one of the main characteristics of the application, which makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
V Folder Dups comes in handy for quickly identifying duplicate folders. However, the fact that the application does not take into consideration the contents of the directories it compares makes us doubt its reliability. Its results might prove to match the number of files, the size and the name, but the actual files might be different.







V Folder Dups Free For Windows

Compare folders and find exact copies of whole directories in hard drive.
Key features:
– Compares names, sizes and number of sub-folders.
– Compares files and their content.
– Can be executed directly from the executable file.
– Allows you to disable or enable search.
– Can be executed right from the folder.
– Detailed settings for folder and file comparison.
– Allows you to compare different drives and volumes.
– Compares files by their contents.
– Identifies duplicate files and stores their information.
– Displays the files in a tree view.
– Delete detected duplicate files and empty the selected folder from the hard drive.
VFDP capabilities:
– Easy to use.
– Compatible with all versions of Windows.
– Detailed settings.
– Runs from the command line.
– Compares files by their contents.
– Allows you to compare folders and files in a network environment.
– Displays the files in a tree view.
– Finds duplicates and allows you to delete detected duplicate folders.
– Uses the Shell API.
– Can be executed directly from the executable file.
– Allows you to compare hard drives and volumes.
– Shows the changes in the directory by the actual content.
– Uses Compact Framework.
– Uses the Windows API.
– Uses the Windows Registry.
– Displays the files in the computer’s Explorer view.
– Allows you to compare files in a Windows network.
– Does not require installation.

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V Folder Dups Crack + [Updated-2022]

Manages duplicates of directories and files on the Hard Drive or the Network.
The main purpose is to find duplicate directories and files stored in the Drive or Network.
It can be used to empty your hard disk of duplicate files.

System requirements:

Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003.

How to install:

Download the.zip file containing the folders that make up the program.
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V Folder Dups Crack+ With Registration Code

Remove the folders and files without them on your system.
* Easy to use, does not take up much space.
* Simple and compact.
* Works fast.
* Quickly find duplicate folders.
* Valid for XP and Vista.
* Available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian.
* Includes a Win7 version as an exclusive bonus.
* How to install?
Extract the file in a directory, copy any data you need (folder name, size) in two folders on both sides of the application directory (C:\work\vfd\), follow the steps.
NOTE: To make the application function correctly, you must always put a blank folder named “Settings” on the desktop as a main base.
V Folder Dups Screenshot

vfd.zip V Folder Dups Download

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What’s New in the?

V Folder Duplicates is an application that allows comparing folders by name, size, number of sub-directories and files or any combination of those, but it does not analyze their content.
This tool allows you to remove duplicates of directories, but it does not find duplicates of files.

The application saves and retrieves data in different file formats such as XML, CSV, HTML, DOC or TAB. Since it has only one purpose, it is possible to remove duplicate directories easily. However, because it does not store duplicates of files, it cannot be considered reliable.
There is a brief list of its features:

The application allows comparing folders only by their name.

You can define a range of criteria to remove exact copies of specific folders.

You can also specify the name and size criteria to remove duplicates.

There are a few options to sort items by name, size, date and date modified.

You can easily remove duplicates using the context menu.

It works with Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

V Folder Dups Interface:

V Folder Dups is designed to quickly identify duplicate folders. However, when it comes to comparing sub-folders, it does not perform any file comparison.
Although this software does not compare the content of the folders it finds duplicate, it does find files that are exact copies of folders.
It is an accurate way to find duplicate directories and remove them from the computer. However, it is not reliable in finding duplicate files, since it looks for exact copies of folders only.

After reviewing a lot of folders and comparing their contents with this application, we can say that duplicates are usually folders with the same name and number of files and sub-folders. The only difference is that in the end of some operations, the contents of the folders remain intact.
To be more precise, the application does not find exact duplicates, but it does find files that are exact copies of folders.
Thus, if you want to remove a folder with the same name and size of a folder that is already in your computer, it will do the job very well.
However, it is not suited for finding duplicate files or searching for duplicate folders with any criteria.
The free version of V Folder Duplicates offers the basic functionality, but it has been developed in such a way that you cannot remove duplicates of any kind. We recommend paying for the Pro version to eliminate

System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.8.4 or later
Win 7 SP1, 8.1, 10.0
Intel Processor
NVIDIA 9400 with 1GB of RAM
1280 X 1024 screen resolution
Hard Drive Space:
500MB (required)
Additional information:
Marrow1.3 is a full game. Please make sure that you are able to install the game correctly, and not to experience problems while installing.
Please test the full game and try to help