In an age where being multi-tasking should become second nature, it's easy to understand why most of us might forget half the things that we may have to do, so keeping notes becomes mandatory.
Tree Notebook is a hierarchical notes manager designed for keeping personal information safe and private.
A multipurpose note organizer
Tree Notebook gets its name from the tree-like multilevel hierarchy of folders and notes. Any folder can include notes and other sub- folders, and so forth. Any item can include the text of any size, along with attachments like images or other files.
The notebook consists of two components: a  public part which can be accessed without a password, and the private part which is encrypted and requires entering a password to be opened and used.
Tree Notebook comes as two cross-platform applications: the desktop one for OS Windows, and the mobile one for iOS. The data can be synced between the Windows computer and up to three iOS devices via a local Wi-Fi network.
A complex note management utility
Tree Notebook has three separate panes for the entire tree: the current folder in the tree, the current item in the folder, and a status line indicating the current position in the tree.
The information in Tree Notebook can be attributed in many ways by using various font types, colored flags, graphic icons. Among others, Tree Notebook includes a calendar feature. Any item can have an Event attribute and serve as an alarm clock or reminder.
The Windows Tree Notebook application can also import data from OneNote and Evernote and can also export the information to the Evernote and simple RTF formats.
Overall good note management and security tool
Tree Notebook manages to provide easy to comprehend yet complex note creation, management and securing features, making it a great app for people that need to keep both private and public notes.







Tree Notebook 11.1.0 Crack+

• Organize notes into folders, including public or personal, and private or secret
• Use folders as a central repository of notes for easy navigation
• Move notes between folders
• Draw flags, read/unread, sorted and add custom status
• Import notes from OneNote and Evernote
• Import notes with date, time and location
• Export notes to Evernote, OneNote, and simple RTF format
• Search notes
• Create files/folders and subfolders
• Attach images and other files (files more than 30MB in size are automatically split into separate attachments)
• Print notes
• Export notes to PDF, Word and Rich Text Format (for use in third-party application)
• Download notes
• Search tags
• Import tags from online tag cloud, built-in Favorites
• Set events
• Sort notes
• Use your private notes in your public notes
• Sync notes between local and online devices
• Use your personal notebook as a repository for public notes
• Use a master notebook for your private/public notes
• Use a company notebook
• Choose specific flags for folders
• Choose a password for your notebook
• Set an access control for specific users and groups
• Create hierarchical groups
• Import complex lists from multiple sources
• Use a unique ID for notes
• Create notes with a specific date and time
• Lock notes
• Share notes and items to email, Dropbox, IMAP, WAP, and SMS
• Publish and automatically export from Evernote, OneNote, and simple RTF
• Copy notes to clipboard
• Enter custom HTML code
• Change default hyperlink color
• Change default calendar color
• Change default font
• Change default notebook color
• Change notebook footer color
• Change Default border color
• Preview notes in other sizes
• Print notes
• Use tabs for navigation
• Use a favorite address bar
• Pinch to zoom in/out images
• Edit tags
• Change the date format
• Customize the font
• Export notes to other applications
• Export notes as images (if the note contains images)
• Set the maximum item size to keep the text area under the maximum required space
• Preview notes in thumbnail mode
• Add notes to the central menu bar
• Set the central menu bar position
• Set a root note
• Set the position of a note (top or bottom)
• Add a

Tree Notebook 11.1.0 With Registration Code

• Create your notes directly in Tree Notebook 2022 Crack
• Create, update and organize your notes in the tree structures you like
• Sync your notes from the Windows version to iOS and other devices
• Support to save your notes as images, XLSX, etc.
• Support to copy, paste, edit, search and other note management features
• Expandable & collapsible notes
• Customizable with several colors and font size
• Sync your notes to Evernote and OneNote
• Print your notes
• Export your notes as RSS, EPUB, HTML, ZIP, TXT,…
• Export your notes as images, JPEG, PNG, PDF, XLSX, DOCX,…
• Support for automatic spelling correction
• Support to use all apps installed in your iPad
• Export all your notes to Evernote
• Export all your notes to OneNote


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3 years ago

John said:

Nice app. I’ve been using it for over a month.
Some issues:
I installed Tree Notebook and then realized I needed to know the password for my main account, so deleted it. I know the password and tried to install but it asks for it again.
I deleted some of the accounts in the settings but it doesn’t show up in the iPhone app. That is dumb, because I need to be able to use two accounts.
There are two issues I found with the iOS app.
I have a 4th graphics option, but it’s not actually creating the graphics.
The display inside the iPad app is about 60% smaller than the iPhone’s. Not sure how to fix it though.

+ + +

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Tree Notebook 11.1.0

✓ Creates notes in a tree hierarchy of folders
✓ Can create multiple levels and nested folders
✓ Includes a large number of predefined templates for every type of note
✓ Support of notes by various font types, color flags, icons
✓ Creation of colored flag notes
✓ Creation of colored flag notes with descriptions
✓ Set 1, 5 or 10 minute reminder for notes
✓ Event notes and alarms
✓ Password protection
✓ Share notes via email
✓ Sync Notes with up to 3 iOS devices and a Windows PC using a Wi-Fi network
✓ Import and export notes to Evernote, OneNote and RTF formats
✓ Import, export, sync and manually edit notes
✓ Create custom field types and add notes to the fields
✓ Use different templates to create different notes
✓ High compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
✓ Create notes in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, German
✓ Can create notes with graphic icons
✓ Can create notes with smart quotes
✓ Can create notes with emoticons
✓ Support for password protected notes
✓ Support for notes in a shared folder
✓ Support for notes in the calendar
✓ Can switch from notes to tasks
✓ Export notes to PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, DOC
✓ Export notes to CSV
✓ Set a password for notes
✓ Supports changing background images for notes
✓ Supports customization of the note title and description
✓ Supports notes with images
✓ Supports notes with tables
✓ Supports notes with no special formatting
✓ Supports notes with header and footer
✓ Supports notes with background color
✓ Support for notes with attached files
✓ Support for notes with frames
✓ Supports notes with maps
✓ Support for notes with geo-location
✓ Support for notes with custom fields
✓ Support for notes with notes as tags
✓ Support for notes with a custom tag
✓ Support for notes with multiple tags
✓ Support for notes with no tags
✓ Support for notes with a boolean tag
✓ Support for notes with a list of tags
✓ Support for notes with a link to a web site
✓ Support for notes with an emoji
✓ Support for notes with a custom flag color
✓ Support for notes with an XML file

What’s New in the?

Personal Security Manager
Notebook Description:
Try to create a tree notes app with a complex construction. The application will need to display information in a tree structure, to create notes and when the user wishes to add an attachment.
An encrypted windows 8 application which supports desktop and mobile access.
Download Link:
Mac App Store Link:

Windows Store Link:

Android Play Link:


You must have a Mac OS X computer and a valid Apple account to install apps from the Mac App Store.


You can remove Tree Notebook from your Mac using the App Store app.

View screenshots

View permissions

Allows the application to view information about what files are used by what applications.

Allows the application to create network sockets.

Allows the application to access the phone features of the device. An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to, ect.

Allows an application to read the contents of your SD card.

Allows an application to have itself started as soon as the system has finished booting. This can make it take longer to start the phone and allow the application to slow down overall performance of the phone by constantly running.

Manage call log

Allows an application to read the user’s call log, including personal information about the caller.

Read the contents of your SD card

Allows an application to read the contents of your SD card.

Recover contacts

Allows the application to retrieve the list of accounts known by the phone.

Write to the SD card

Allows the application to write to the SD card.

View Wi-Fi connections

Allows an application to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as the connected devices on the network and whether Wi-Fi is enabled.

System Requirements For Tree Notebook:

This mod requires the “SkyUI” mod from Nexusmods, and the “SkyUI” mod from NMS.
Unrar v0.0.5.1
Unrar v0.0.4.1
Unrar v0.0.3.0
Update History:
10/13/2019 – v0.0.5.1 – Fixed problems with SkyUI and converted to SkyUI format.
10/13/2019 – v0.0.5.0 –