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Tracking The Eye is a live interactive Graphical based app for our real time NOAA satellite, Current Position, Official NHC Prediction Path, Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Weather Discussion, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forecasts. You will also receive alerts to your cell phone and email directly from the NHC giving you the latest updates during a storm. When a storm has weakened from a tropical storm or hurricane and your general area of concern is no longer being warned about by the storm center of circulation (tropical core) you will receive a message saying the new storm has been named, or you will get a warning about a quickly developing hurricane storm. That’s why you need Tracking The Eye to keep up with everything that is going on during a storm.
You can also save or print your Tracking The Eye map to your computer when you are done viewing.
Tracking The Eye Features:
* Graphical Map of the Latest NHC Satellite, Current Position, Official NHC Prediction Path, Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Weather Discussion, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forecasts in real time. This includes the tropical storm or hurricane that the current storm is associated with.
* Official NHC Satellite, Current Position, Latest Real Track, Official NHC Prediction Path, Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Weather Discussion, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forecasts including alert messages directly to your cell phone or email
* Save or Print of any displayed of the hurricane or tropical storm graphics and map info to your computer, also includes the warning alerts to cell phone and email.
* You can setup alerts to your cell phone and email so when a new storm becomes active you will be the first to know thanks to Tracking The Eye.
* Use the automatic download function to automatically download the latest NOAA real time Satellite, Current Position, Official NHC Prediction Path, Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Weather Discussion, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forecasts to your computer. Then view the latest hurricane or tropical storm with Tracking The Eye.
* You can also use the manual download function to download any graphical hurricane or tropical storm graphics to your computer by clicking on any displayed graphics in the screen shot below.
Download Tracking The Eye:

1. First go to the Tracking The Eye Hosted File and click on the button with your browser.
2. Then a popup dialog box will appear asking you if you want to open or save the file. Make sure you choose the open option.
3. When the file

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Tracking The Eye is the most innovative Storm Tracking app for iPhone and iPad. It’s a detailed app that will show you the current motion of a storm, the next path, a forecast, status and warnings, as well as a whole lot more.
Get it now and get free updates to keep you up to date with the latest storms and their positions.
“NHC’s new Live Tracking app [Tracking The Eye] does a great job of showing users how an actual forecast is being developed and updated. The orientation feature is very well done and provides detailed information about the storm.” – Safety Wire
“The user interface is very attractive and easy to navigate, and definitely has the looks of a quality app.” –
“NHC is kind of being showcased in a nutshell with its new “tracked-eye” application. This app does more than prettying up a few charts, it actually gives you a picture of where the storm is heading in light of predicted changes.” – Weather Channel
“Tracking the Eye is a complex looking app that focuses on how the atmosphere is moving in space and the weather is likely to move.” – AppAdvice
“Overall, the interface is smooth and easy to navigate, and a lot of information is presented on it.” – AppSafari
Install Tracking The Eye on the App Store for FREE today!
– Free to download and use
– Get Free Updates
– Latest Storm Information
– Latest Current Conditions, Watches/Warnings and Forecast
– Storms’ Direction, Speed & Precipitation
– Storm Reports
– Advisories, Watches, Warnings & Forecasts
– Quick Search Current Conditions, Advisories, Watches, Warnings & Forecasts
– Search Current Conditions, Advisories, Watches, Warnings & Forecasts by States
– Search Weather by States
– Attractions Map
– Fine/Good Grades
– Latitude/Longitude
– Storm Details
– Wind Speed & Direction
– Last Updated Time
– Comments
– Shake/Pan Map
– Category Map
– Categories
– Signals/Locations Map
– Signals/Locations
– Motion Tracks
– Track Highlights
– Update
– Horizontal Motion
– Vertical Velocity
– Current Map
– Current Path
– Projected Path
– NHC Discussion
– Various Reports
– Satellite, Radar & Radar History
– Fore

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Tracking The Eye is the latest and the best Hurricane prediction and tracking and storm chaser application available for you cell phone!
Tracking The Eye includes the latest current forecast track, gale force winds, satellite imagery, detailed hourly track details, currently active storms, trail of debris, a storm model simulator to help you better understand the hurricane intensity, tropical storm watches and warnings for your favorite and most active storms including advisories, tropical storm watches and warnings, hurricane watches and warnings, tropical cyclone watches and warnings.
With Tracking The Eye you will never miss another latest hurricane update, whether in Florida, the Bahamas or in the Atlantic Ocean.
Tracking The Eye allows you to view a hurricane forecast map as well as track a hurricane on a real-time hurricane forecast map.
With the recently updated Graphical Storm Simulator, you can have the ability to actually observe the strength of a hurricane in which you can edit the parameters in order to generate a time lapse forecast that can be very useful for tracking storms and learning about their history.
Tracking The Eye also includes a New!!! Storm Alert feature that allows users to set a warning level for hurricanes and tropical storms or give a more generic warning for all storms. The warning alerts will be delivered to your cell phone, which you can set for a specific amount of time.
There are also hurricane alerts that will be sent to your cell phone, if a new storm with gale force winds becomes active!
Tracking The Eye is a free application that you can download in the iPhone Market and Google Market, including iPhone, Android and Windows phones.
Tracking The Eye is designed for the casual storm tracker and the serious storm chaser alike.
You can use Tracking The Eye while driving, boating, on a plane or even walking the dog.
With Tracking The Eye you will not have to wait for hurricane updates on the television or radio to find out what is going on.
Tracking The Eye is currently available for the following devices:
iPhone, Android and Windows.
Please send your feedback, ratings and compliments to:
Tracking The Eye Review:
Tracking The Eye is the only known application created for the iPhone, Android, Windows and any other major mobile phone that will give you real time hurricane updates on the latest storm.
Tracking The Eye is the latest and the best app created that will give you latest updated hurricane forecasts, storm advisories, hurricane advisories, tropical storm advisories

What’s New In Tracking The Eye?

Tracking The Eye is an easy-to-use desktop application that uses the National Hurricane Center’s (NHC) primary radar to display a map with the latest storm activity. It is very similar to the popular web-based service ‘Tracking the Storm’ with the only difference being that it is free, requires no internet connectivity and doesn’t need updates.
Tracking The Eye offers the following user-friendly features:
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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core processor or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card with 16 MB of dedicated video memory and DirectX 10 capability
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: Approximately 200 MB available space
Additional Notes: The application requires approximately 600 MB of free space for installation.
Mac OS: 10.7 (Leopard) or later
Processor: Dual