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QuickJump is an easy-to-use program that will enable you to speed up your navigation and work process.
It provides a feature that helps you find and load a file faster. If you find that downloading files from a Web site takes a long time, try using QuickJump: it will download files and load a file right from the browser.
Its speed is partly because of the ability to skip part of the URL (parameters) and download the file you want. This is rather a convenient feature for those who are in a hurry and are searching for particular file.
Key Features:
1. Automatically open the file as soon as you load the page, and don’t bother with double-clicking.
2. If you click the hyperlink, it will open the file directly.
3. Give you the status: stop downloading the current file, and keep the file you were downloading last time.
4. You can also sort the list by name, size, date, etc.
5. Highly customizable colors that can be enabled / disabled.
6. Create folder names to make it easier to find your files.
7. Quick Jump is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
8. You can just click the icon you want to load, and QuickJump will open the file directly.
9. The program only requires 50 KB and will not slow down your computer.
10. File size is very small and QuickJump will not harm your computer.
11. QuickJump is free, you don’t need to register, there are no warranties and the software is freeware.
What’s New in this Release:
Version 1.1.0:
Cursor position memory
OP_CLOSE and OP_SAVE operations
OP_NEW close connection and opens new connection to the same server
OP_DELETE deletes the file
Files can be compressed during saving
OP_DELETE_ATTACHED delete the file and the server it is attached to
OP_COMPRESS the file for compressing the file size
OP_COMPRESS_ATTACHED compress and delete the file
OP_UNCHECK check if server can be unchecked
OP_DELETE_UNCHECK delete the file and the server it is attached to
OP_GET_FILE get the file by query to the server
OP_UPDATE_FILE change the file contents by query to the server
OP_DELETE_FILE delete the


​Hint: you need a fast, clean and powerful browser for your PC, of course, we recommend you to have a look to Google Chrome

Select a desktop theme from the Standard, Classic and Clean line of 737 themes.

Select a search provider from the two built-in providers or use a custom one.

The default search provider is Google and the Language ID is English (United States)

Select the end time for the search.

Select the type of search (Google, Wikipedia, Wikipedia Category or Google Category).

Select the search string (up to 150 characters).

Optional: you can use the dash for the search string to remove the non-searchable characters.

Use the carriage return (Enter) key to set a string as the search string.

Select a match provider.

Use the shift key to reset the settings if any mistake is made

Optional: select the pages to load in the browsers.

If you have multiple users in your household, you have to configure one of them to act as the default user, either the first installed user or just any one that you want to act as the default user.

Select the default browser for the desktop so that all the new windows and tabs automatically open in that one.

Assign the default browser to a group. The users will be able to assign themselves to a group to be able to modify that group’s behavior.

Change the default settings for the created groups.

Create a shortcut to the start menu (Windows) or the dock (Mac).

Add the icon to the desktop or to the start menu (Windows) or the dock (Mac).

Assign the icon to a group. The users will be able to assign themselves to a group to be able to modify that group’s behavior.

Change the shortcut settings for the created groups.

The Default Browser BHO project is an add-on for Internet Explorer that let you manage all your favorites and open any sites you have bookmarked easily.

If you select the customize link, the BHO will open the Personalize page for you to customize this add-on.

Click the next button to advance to the settings.

The following options are available for you to customize the BHO:

General options:

Bookmark menu colors (Light, Dark)

Display the Flyout menu when you click the

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QuickJump Description:
With the help of this app, you can easily find the right place for what you are looking for on your desktop. In addition, it can open a smaller window with a specific and easy-to-access application.
Simple design
This Windows app comes with a minimalistic design that is easy to scan for what you’re looking for and fast to load. After installing the app, you will be welcomed with a main window with a few options and buttons.
To open a window with a specific app, you can right-click anywhere in the screen and click “QuickJump”. For example, you can open “Favorite Apps” with a click of that button, or open the Home screen with a click of the “Start Screen” button.
Save space
The app functions with a basic layout, and therefore, it can be run on computers with low performance and RAM. Moreover, even if you plan to erase your computer, you will still have room for a few things.
What’s more, no files are created after running the app, and no modification is possible, since it loads external files and thus opens the system registry. In addition, your startup location will remain as it was prior to the app’s installation.
One last thing we would like to mention is the fact that the app usually saves files without any confirmation. It would be nice if users were asked about this process, since there is nothing more annoying than having to delete files on accident.
At first sight, Shortcut Marker is another simple-to-use desktop utility that helps users create shortcuts and modify existing ones.
The app’s installation is quick and straightforward. Users may choose between the two versions of the app, the Plus and the Lite. This is due to the fact that the Plus version contains a few additional features, which are absent in the Lite version.
The interface
Shortcut Marker’s interface offers three tabs, through which you can create or modify shortcuts. The Main tab carries the main application window, which shows all shortcuts and shortcuts that exist in the system.
To add a shortcut, you can simply drag the file or folder into the area that is marked “New” on the Main tab. To modify an existing shortcut, you may right-click on it in the system tray.
The second tab is your “Options” tab, where you can customize the shortcut’s creation process and change its appearance.
The third tab is the “Shortcuts Editor.” If you had

What’s New in the QuickJump?

QuickJump is a software solution that enables you to create shortcuts to software that you frequently use. It manages to offer an organized way of setting up programs to be accessed fastly by clicking on the shortcut icon.
Creating a shortcut is easy. Go to File – Preferences – Startup or click on the icon. Add the respective program to the right and click OK.
You can easily access and delete shortcuts on the Startmenu, desktop, taskbar, or in the Quicklauncher. The usage of the application is rather limited and it only allows you to save each shortcut in separate folders. But you will find this feature quite sufficient when it comes to applications that you use frequently.
The program’s design is clear and intuitive. While it would be more useful if you could have more than one folder for the shortcuts, the small program offers the features that will suit the requirements of most users.
There is no help file included, but the help you get through this application is very helpful. It is well-structured and easy to understand.
If you want to go through the fastest way of defining your QuickJump shortcuts, you should definitely try FreeQuickJump. It offers a user-friendly interface, and it will also allow you to create shortcuts for programs that are not installed on your system.
Major features of FreeQuickJump are:
* Add programs to new QuickJump folder;
* Delete selected programs from QuickJump;
* Run program – in case you need it from command line;
* Automatic start – when selecting the QuickJump shortcut on the desktop;
* System tray icon;
* Clear all – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Connect to internet – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Create folder – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Change file type – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Change program name – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Change file size – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Change program destination – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Change program icon – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop;
* Change program shortcut – when selecting the QuickJump icon on the desktop.
This program is not free, but it offers a free trial that will enable you to evaluate its capabilities and see how it works.

Palmsoft is a flexible integrated productivity suite that is packed with useful

System Requirements:

2.2 GHz or faster CPU
5 GB free disk space
1024×768 or higher resolution display
Win 10
Windows 10 not supported
Minimum level of Adobe Flash player ( or newer)
Other Notes:
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