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* **Accessing Photoshop**

To get access to Photoshop, you need to install the computer program and open the Photoshop application. There’s no limit to how many computers you can use, so long as you have access to Photoshop, and you own it.

* **The workspace**

The Photoshop workspace is the place where you create and edit images. The workspace represents a grid of squares or rectangles, each with a ruler along the top edge that can be used to create and move objects. The bottom edge of the workspace has the layer tools. The workspace is split into two sections: the Layers palette and the Toolbox. In the Layers palette, the layers that will be placed on your image are listed along the bottom. Above each layer is a preview of the layer as it appears on your finished image. You can edit a layer or a group of layers by using the Layers palette, which also houses the layer tools. The Toolbox, which contains the Photoshop tools, is used for placing and editing objects on the workspace. To access the Toolbox, click **Window** on the menu bar, and from the drop-down list, choose **Toolbox**.

* **Layers palette**

The Layers palette is a guide to where the layers that will be on your image are listed. The objects in your image are first placed on the empty background canvas. Then, you add layers by selecting and moving the objects from the background canvas to an empty layer. Layers can also be placed by using the Layer menu and selecting **Layer** → **New from Background**. The Layers palette is the starting point for many different actions in Photoshop. It also holds the layer tools, as well as the Layer menu. The bottom row of the Layers palette shows the Transparency settings, and the different effects that can be applied to an image.

* **Toolbox**

The Toolbox is the area where you place and edit objects on the workspace. If you see an icon for the tool you want to use, click the tool to place it on the canvas. If you want to edit an object or tool, or add a new one, click it to select it. If you don’t want to remove the tool, click the icon to display the grip buttons (see Figure 2-6). Clicking a grip button opens the grip buttons on the Tool Options bar, where you can resize the tool (called

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You can download Photoshop Elements for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Key Features

The Basics

Quick Fix

Basic Adjustments



Photo Messaging and Sharing

Photo Collage

Finishing Touches

Media Management

Log-in To My Photoshop

What is Photoshop Elements?

The Basics

It’s easy to get started with Photoshop Elements. It’s designed to be easy to learn for hobbyists and novice users, which is why it only includes a handful of features, the most important being the ability to edit photos. For the more advanced user there are plenty of other features to explore.

However, it’s important to understand that Elements can’t substitute for Photoshop for most professionals. Elements is ideal for those looking for a quick and easy way to edit photos, but may not be the best choice for professional users.

Photoshop Elements is a lot like Paint Shop Pro. The design is similar, and they both use the same engine to manage the graphics. The difference is that Paint Shop Pro is still around after more than 20 years, and Photoshop Elements is a discontinued application.

Adobe Camera Raw

Photoshop Elements includes Adobe’s newest software, Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe Camera Raw gives you a little help to get started with your photos. It’s designed to be easier to use than traditional Photoshop, and is great for those looking to make the most of their images.

With it, you can set your white balance, lighten or darken shadows or highlights, and tweak the clarity of your image. You can also easily edit the color of your image. More advanced users can use the full tools in Photoshop to get deeper image editing control.

Smart Filters

Smart Filters are an exciting way to quickly improve your images. Smart Filters are based on what Adobe calls Adobe Content Standard technology, which can be used with any design and content. You can also save and share your filters with others.

Camera Raw

The first thing you’ll notice when you use Adobe Photoshop Elements is the Adobe Camera Raw feature. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to quickly improve the colors of your image, as well as adjust light and shadows, saturate or desaturate, and sharpen your image.


Photomerge is a feature

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Emsisoft’s Safe Detective package includes a list of known cheats that don’t protect against any known exploits. Are you missing anything?

EDIT: Emsisoft has a new list of known cheats and exploits. You can find the more up to date list here.


Emsisoft has released Safe Detective, an add-on for malware protection and anti-malware software for Windows.

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Older versions of Safe Detective do not have many of the cheats in this list, for example, they do not have the full Anti-Rootkit Protection feature, or Protection against Mac Malware. But they do protect against many well known malware.

But many of the cheats in this list could be quite new for the software and you don’t

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System Requirements:

***Confirmed compatibility with Steam OS
Russian English
Spanish French
Portuguese Italian
***Current Update: Version 3.0.1
• Fixed: Fixed missing GlobalLoot.ini option.
• Fixed: Fixed a bug causing characters to continuously respawn when the game is paused.
• Fixed: Fixed the game being unable to start on FreeBSD 10.3.
• Fixed: Fixed a bug causing quick items to become unusable.