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Photoshop CS4

_Figure 3.5_

Many professional photographers and illustrators use Photoshop to perform various tasks, including:

• **Frame a photo:** To select a single photo from a larger group and frame it.

• **Straighten a photo:** To control the angle of the picture so that it is viewed by the eye as it is straightened. You can also straighten an image in Photoshop Elements.

• **Resize a photo:** To reduce the number of pixels in an image or to enlarge it in an image editing program.

• **Retouch photos:** To darken or lighten an image to make it more attractive.

• **Correct color:** To make adjustments to the overall picture.

• **Correct unwanted redeye:** To focus attention on the eyes and eliminate the red portion of red-eye.

• **Adjust levels:** To make an image more intense.

• **Blur background:** To soften the edges of an image in preparation for an effect such as a vignette or shot-blur filter.

• **Cut or paste one or more elements:** To remove unwanted portions of a photo.

• **Add special effects:** To paint or alter an image in a unique way.

• **Convert a photo to black and white:** To make the image grayscale in preparation for a special effect such as a black-and-white mode.

• **Create graphics:** To add text, frames, and other elements to a photo.

• **Erase backgrounds:** To remove backgrounds so that an image becomes a single, solid object.

• **Fix defects:** To correct image problems such as a blurry photo, bad pixels, or the dreaded black pixel that looks like a missing pixel.

• **Lighten dark photos:** To make images appear brighter, especially an image that is too dark because of shadows or bad pixels.

• **Lighten white photos:** To make images appear brighter.

• **Lower contrast:** To make an image appear to be more relaxed in contrast.

• **Make photos appear lighter:** To bring out the basic details of an image.

• **Make photos darker:** To get rid of the details of an image.

• **Apply filters:** To transform an image into something more artistic, such as a photographic

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You can download Photoshop Elements for free. This article will walk you through editing and basic usage.

Editing images

The tools found within Photoshop Elements are very similar to Photoshop, but you may notice some changes. The most significant change is that more tools are found within the Adjustments panel, rather than in their own tools group.


The Adjustments panel contains many of the same tools you would find in Photoshop. The main difference is that here, tools are placed inside other tools. For example, the Size, Warp and Crop tools may be found within the Histogram. Click in the location bar to change the current tool to the next tool in the panel. The Adjustments panel is often called the Toolbox.

Note: The Layers panel is also accessible by clicking on the icon on the right of the workspace (hint: I’ve circled it on the image above).


Image rotation is accessed by clicking on the Rotate icon. It’s super easy to use. When you click and drag, the image rotates by 90 degrees. Once you’ve clicked and dragged, click the Reset button to rotate the image the other 90 degrees or 90 degrees to the right or to the left, respectively. The angle is measured from the bottom of the image to the top.


The Resize tool is often the first tool you would use when resizing an image, as it quickly and easily crops the image in the width/height direction without doing much of anything else. You can click and drag on the edges of the image to resize it.

Rotate, Resize and Crop

Once you’ve selected the Resize tool, you can resize the image in one of several ways.


Edge to Edge

Edge to Center

Border to Border






With the Crop tool selected, you can crop the image and trim away any unnecessary areas. You can select the area to crop by clicking and dragging from the image edge to the next area to crop. Press the Enter key to apply the crop. Croping is often a quick way to fix a problem area of a photo or to trim areas so an image is more suitable for a certain use.


With the Select tool selected, click on an area

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AngularJS $q.all inside a service

I have a service like this:
App.factory(‘BuyDatesService’, [‘$http’, function($http){
var promise = $q.all([

return {

GetDates: function(){
return promise.then(function(arrayOfJson){
//do something with arrayOfJson

And then I inject it in a controller like this:
App.controller(‘GetDatesController’, [‘$scope’, ‘BuyDatesService’, function($scope, BuyDatesService){
$scope.dates = BuyDatesService.GetDates();

The problem is that I get a error in that I am having undefined for dates. I think the problem is that the promise isn’t resolved and the code that uses $scope.dates never gets to execute.
I’ve looked over the documentation for $q.all but I can’t find a way to make the service work properly with promises.


You need to return the promise chain
App.factory(‘BuyDatesService’, [‘$http’, function($http){
var promise = $q.all([

return {
GetDates: function(){
return promise.then(function(arrayOfJson){
//do something with

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