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**No $:** The price you see is what you pay. Photoshop is one of the top software programs in the industry, and its current cost is about $700 per year for personal use. The program and its upgrades are available as a free trial, but the price jumps $500 for the trial if you wish to continue using the program after the trial period is up.

**No matter which model you choose:** This program works on all major computer platforms, from PCs, Macs, and even most smartphone OSs.

**Autocorrect:** The program has an autocorrect feature that will transform your mouse clicks into keyboard ones.

**Brush:** This tool allows you to add subtle changes to an image using an intuitive drag and drop system.

To use Photoshop, you need to load it up on your computer. If you have a version of Photoshop, you need to load that software and then open the image of the photo you want to edit.

Photoshop is the tool of choice for making changes to your images, so if you want to learn how to make your own images look better, or simply want to know how your photos look right out of the camera, you need to learn how to use this program.

## Picturing image editing

Professional photographers use Photoshop in order to retouch images. In this book, we’ll walk you through using some of the basic tools in Photoshop, teach you how to make changes to images in various ways, and demonstrate how the program can be used as a tool for professional image editing.

If you’re new to Photoshop, feel free to check out the “Practicing with Photoshop” and “Picking the Right Tool for the Job” sections, which list some basics. If you’re already familiar with Photoshop, you can skip to the “Making Scene” section to see how you can make your photographs look great with Photoshop.

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Today, I’m going to show you 10 cool creative works you can make with Photoshop Elements.

1. Create a Word Document

Create a basic document like the one above with any text.

2. Create a PICTURE

Load an image and create a new document ( File > Create > Document ) with transparent background.

Add text using the type tool ( keyboard shortcut is T) or rectangle tool ( keyboard shortcut is R).

3. Create a Document with a Watermark

Load an image or create a new document ( File > Create > Document ) with transparent background. Add the layer ( right click and Select > Add Layer > Layer from Background ) and change the fill color for the layer.

4. Add Text using your Watermark

Simply add text ( keyboard shortcut is T) on the image. You can resize, rotate, change the color, and add effects.

5. Use a Brush to Paint a Background

Use a brush to paint a color/gradient or background on the canvas (right click and Select > Add a Brush ) and drag the tool to a new layer.

6. Add a Background to an Image

Load an image or create a new document ( File > Create > Document ). Add a new layer (right click and Select > Add Layer > Layer from Background ).

Right-click the new layer, select, Colorize and then select a new color.

7. Add a Gradient

Select the Gradient Tool (R) and click on the image to add a gradient.

Press Alt+G to preview your gradient. You can select the colors, colors stops and the blending mode.

8. Change the Transparency

Click on the photo to select the image, press shift and alt to get to the Layers Panel, highlight the Layer you want to edit, and press Alt+Ctrl+A to change the opacity.

9. Flatten an Image

Select the whole image (press shift), right-click and select Smart Objects > Flatten Image.

10. Add a Filter

The 10 Photoshop Elements filters (Filters > Filter Gallery )

Here are 10 creative works you can make with Photoshop Elements.

1. Add a Watermark to a Picture

Add a watermark (K) to a picture ( right click and Select > Add Layer > Layer from Background ). Set the

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Can you name an aircraft which has taken to the air via a tractor engine?

In the hangar used for storing old aircraft, there is one tractor that has been used for some time to tow or push an aircraft which has had all its serviceable parts removed. It is not in flyable condition, but still it is sitting there with its front wheel at the same level as the hangar floor and its nose is vertical.
I am trying to identify the aircraft by the angle of its nose as it would be while flying. There are so many names which may be named from the angle of the nose to the horizontal but has got an engine in the rear. These include:

Throttled Gliders: I have seen one recently which is like a car but with the rear end missing and the engine at the front.
Pusher Aircraft
The name of the tractor has escaped my memory though. If memory serves me right, it has a horizontal stabilizer.
I have seen a few cars which have taken to the air using a tractor engine. So the name or engine type is not what I am looking for. It is the angle of the nose to the horizontal which I am looking for.


A tractor engine is a front engine with a propeller in the tail. It’s called a tractor because it is used to tow aircraft behind powered vehicles.
Basically any aircraft that used a front engine, without a rear mounted prop, including gliders and sailplanes.
There is no standard name for this, I’ve heard the “tractor engine” and the tail-less planes of your list called “decker plane”.


You can think of it in the following way.
A “Tractor Plane” is a plane with one engine directly ahead of the other.
If you remember the B-17 or B-25, both were considered “Tractor Planes”.
One of the problems of these planes is that the front engine creates tremendous lateral force on the front of the plane.
Now the problem with that lateral force is that it will twist the airplane if you’re trying to fly straight down the runway.
So the solution is to have a propeller on the back that’s located at a slight angle from the centerline of the plane.
This changes the way the thrust is distributed around the plane.
This is the solution

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2014:

Minimum specs – OS X 10.10.1 or later, PC OS Windows 7 SP1 or later.
Minimum specs – OS X 10.10.1 or later, PC OS Windows 7 SP1 or later. Recommended specs – OS X 10.11.2 or later, PC OS Windows 10.
Farming Simulator 19 is now available for the following systems:
OS X – Intel-based Mac (iMac, Mac Pro)
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