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McCoy DataView 1.2.0 Crack Free License Key [April-2022]

McCoy DataView is a light weight and fast database application. It is very easy to use with intuitive interface.
This powerful file viewer support customizable file format for all data types including flat, delimited and pipe and pipe data. DataView also supports smart scrolling and autosave feature and an integrated help facility to reduce tutorial time.
Intuitive and easy to use-
Support all forms of data formats including flat, pipe and pipe delimited, comma, and pipe and pipe fields data;
Configuration file wizard-
Allows you to specify all the file formats including the file name pattern for each type of database and data source;
Advanced printing options-
Allows users to configure advanced printing options such as page range printing, printing for both even-odd or even-even page, using center or left or right alignment and so on;
Print preview window-
Allows users to preview all the files prior to printing the selected pages or full file;
Navigation window-
Allows users to easily navigate through the files in the data source;
Smart Scrolling-
Allows users to click a button to jump to any page in the entire file;
Print to PDF-
Allows users to print files to PDF without saving the files to disk;
Smart Data Conversion-
Allows users to convert file formats with the click of a button;
Auto Save-
Save the file when the user change the file format, column or column order;
Intelligent Recordsize Page Options-
Allows users to choose the page size and page orientation for the file;
Display the total pages and recordsize of the database file.
XML/HTML export-
Allows users to export the database file into a well-formed XML document or HTML file with proper table and column structure;
Intelligent toolbox-
Allows users to customize the toolbox with the toolbar buttons. A list of all the toolbar buttons is provided;
Help File-
All the help files that are present in the application are kept inside the Help folder in the application folder.
The database file saved into the database folder may include any number of modules, which are the basic module building blocks that can be combined in various ways to create a table, a script or a report module.
System Requirements:
Windows Vista/Windows XP /Windows 7/
Mod- Microsoft.NET Framework version 2.0 or higher;
TableDataView source-
A file containing the table structure of the database you want

McCoy DataView 1.2.0 Crack+ With Serial Key

The McCoy DataView Download With Full Crack (MDV) file viewer is specifically designed to view the following types of ASCII delimited files:
– Flat files
– CSV files
– DBF files
– Mif database files
– Tab delimited files
– Comma delimited files
– Fixed length text files
– Windows (DOS) files
– Mac’s (OS 9) files
– Binary files such as ELF’s or other binary file formats.
Note: For DOS files of any kind, you will need a free program such as DOSBox to emulate a MS-DOS environment. If you can’t do this, use the Mac version to access the file.
The advantage of this application is that it allows you to open and convert most types of ASCII files straight from your filesystem.
Only a small portion of the file is loaded at any one time so you can view and scroll through databases with millions of records. You can also choose to view the first part of a multiline file.
File examples can be downloaded from the free McCoy DataView software.
Support for multiple clipboard facilities, including automatic clipboard refreshing.
A direct link to the file you are viewing.
Goto Function: Allows you to go directly to any subdirectory in your file structure.
Highlighting of lines and sections in the file.
Searching options.
Dynamic file list.
Supports Vim and Emacs editing with an optional Vim keymap.
Access to the file via SSHFS or CIFS.
Built-in FTP transfers and SCP transfers.
Consult the FAQ file included in the package for more features and information.
Key Functions:
– Open a file – Over 25 formats supported including CSV, DBase III, DBase IV, DBase II, MIF, Mif II, DBase V, but you can download it from the McCoy website.
– Convert a file to another format.
– Print a file.
– Extract or Fetch data from the file.
– Concatenate 2 or more files.
– Export to OLE, ZIP or BMP files.
– Count records.
– View or change the line size in the file.
– Display the help file.
– Calculate the total of all values in a column.
– Read the first or the last line of a file.
– Display a file by parts.
– Change the line spacing.
– Reverse sorting of lines.
– Cut or Copy

McCoy DataView 1.2.0 Crack [Latest]

* View large flat ASCII files and create your own database.
* Edit and view records.
* Insert, delete, or reorder records.
* Save files on disk or in memory.
* View and convert several types of files into CSV or other databases.
* Create databases in the popular Delimited or Tab-Delimited formats.
* Type or view field names and values.
* Generate SQL queries to view records.
* Sort, search, and query records.
* Restore and backup files.
* Execute custom macros to perform database analysis and reports.
Note: For use with Microsoft Excel, Excel Macro Recorder must be used.




May 23, 2018

Downloaded and working well. Thank you.

Developer Response:


It worked for me too.. glad it works for you


McCoy DataViewer 1.3

Feb 27, 2018

Downloaded and installed successfully.

Developer Response:


Wow, we’re glad you like it. Thank you very much for your kind words! We’d love to know more if you have any feedback about the program. Please click on the “Feedback” button on the software’s home page or email me at support@medicarecomplete.comThe value of aortic pressure wave analysis in predicting arrhythmia recurrence following catheter ablation.
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What’s New in the McCoy DataView?

The program is an all-purpose ASCII database viewer designed to view either flat or delimited files in a convenient, user-friendly interface.
The program supports database files with millions of records from any 3-digit (0230) version of the DBase III standard.
It can also be used to view data from two other popular ASCII character oriented file formats: Flat and CSV. As the name implies, it is a database viewer in its use of a file.
In contrast to the most common file viewers which load just the first page of a file at one time, the program loads the entire record onto a display, where user-controlled scrolling enables rapid navigation through the record.
The program supports line-oriented, screen-oriented, and tab-delimited record formats, and can handle the Wordpad file (MS WORD format) and ODBC Extended ASCII Datasource Connection.
The following features are provided:
The program supports an advanced DBNF format to choose a variety of search algorithms.
From the file’s contents, you can choose to view the table of contents, indexes, or any field in the file.
You can choose to view the records by columns, rows or individual fields.
You can change the sort order or search direction of the file.
The program supports automatic and manual data conversion between character, binary, or wide character format.
You can choose a wide character or a Code Page based field format.
It supports both double and single precision number storage.
You can do most of the functions associated with a database file, including sorting, deleting, merging, replacing, and copying.
The program provides a number of options to change the display mode. The program can save the display mode in a configuration file, if desired.
After viewing your database, you can run pre-programmed conversions from the file, or write a custom conversion program to convert the file’s data into a binary or wide character file.
The program supports user-defined macros and functions in a spreadsheet-like mode.
The program’s functions include sorting records, indices, fields, or pages of data, copying and pasting, and loading data into Excel, Word, or other ASCII-formatted files.
Help can be accessed using the standard Windows Help file.
Install Microsoft Windows
1. Press the “Start” button, then “All Programs” then “Accessories.”
2. Select “McCoy DataView” to start the McCoy DataView installation.

System Requirements For McCoy DataView:

Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Mac OS:
OS X 10.9 or later
Web Browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari
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