Forecasting software can be employed in a wide variety of branches of human activity, from high-tech biological analyses to simple games. Although the results depend largely on the underlying input assumptions, a sharp increase in the use of these tools has been witnessed in recent times and GMDH Streamline (formerly GMDH Shell) is a practical prediction program that seeks to capitalize upon this trend.
Create forecasts from Excel data sheets
The application features two modules, one geared towards the business environment while the other is better suited for scientific statistical analyses. The “Business Forecasting” module is best employed for sales or demand forecasting, while the “Data Science” component is more reliant on regression models and is thus best used for contingency analyses.
That being said, the two are just specific applications of a common framework, as the overall feel and power of the program is identical in both applications. As with any statistical program, the tool requires a source for all the input data and viable options are simple CSV, TXT or Excel documents, as well as ODBC or OLEDB connections.
Transform source data with multiple mathematical functions
The program automatically extracts all the valid information from source containers and a “Data Explorer” tab allows users to check their input information. This step should not be taken lightly, as the performance of the output model is contingent upon the soundness of the source data.
A built-in wizard guides users through all the necessary steps, although one can also perform any adjustments deemed correct on the input variables. Various transformations can be applied to the target values, such as derivatives, averages or weights by time and creating predictions requires only that one clicks on the “Forecast” button.
Linear regression equations and data plots are automatically generated and users also have the option of saving the graphs to local PNG or vector EMF files.
An overall powerful solution for forecasting analyses
In conclusion, GMDH Streamline is a comprehensive and practical tool for anyone in need of a forecasting application. The program allows its users to load datasets from local TXT or CSV documents, as well as from ODBC or OLEDB connections and create predictive models, complete with data plots.


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GMDH Streamline Torrent Download (formerly GMDH Shell) is a professional out-of-the-box and third-party software for Excel-based forecast analysis.
GMDH Streamline is an advanced predictive tool, which comes with intelligent and affordable tools for analyzing, visualizing, controlling and evaluating. It is a full and comprehensive tool for forecasting, regression and other predictive analyses of continuous and discrete events.


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Analyzing millions of detailed data patterns requires efficient, controlled, flexible and scalable tools. R-Studio is a product that promises such a job, as it is an open source solution for analysis, statistics and data visualization for R (programming language).
Scalability and simplicity
R-Studio combines the functionality of a typical spreadsheet with the high-level abilities of a programming language. These characteristics are complemented with an easy-to-use interface.
The program features three elements, all of which are equipped with specialized functions and options. The first is R, as this is the main programming language available. A user can create, delete, edit and run R scripts, while the second is RStudio, a workspace for developing these scripts. The last element is the viewer, which allows for the graphical display of data, but also for advanced plotting tools and mathematical computations.
R-Studio in five steps
Programming can be done directly within RStudio, which comes with a built-in R editor, or can be done from Excel, in which case R is ran by a user-defined command prompt. The program also provides various matplotlib options for visualizing data, and an import/export function for storing all the actions on the workspace.
Importing data and creating graphs
The importing and exporting options of RStudio are well-equipped to collect and store data from various sources. Given the visual component of the app, an user can also export data in various graphical formats, ranging from PNG, EMF to EPS.
R-Studio: Features & Comparison
Summary & Detail
Key Features


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GMDH Streamline Description: GMDH Streamline is a powerful and elegant data analysis and forecasting application. Whether used for large-scale data processing or simple regression analyses, the program allows the user to process and predict data from multiple data containers such as TXT, CSV, Excel and ODBC or OLEDB connections.

GAUSS Online Community provides a forum for physicists who are active in the estimation, analysis, and fitting of solutions from the Gaussian statistics family.
The use of statistical fits is a common method in many fields, for example, in determining astrophysical distances, to model the amount of material in the Earth’s crust, and even to test the quality of a numerical simulation. In all of these cases, it is necessary to estimate the uncertainty in a fit to a data sample, so that the fit parameters can be determined with some confidence.
The ‘Gaussian Fit Analysis’ section of GAUSS Online Community guides users through the steps in fitting solutions to data, and allows the user to estimate uncertainty in all of the fit parameters. In this section, we will describe what a Gaussian fit is, and present steps for estimating uncertainty. Finally, we will use these steps to fit a simple Gaussian to standard values of the C,V, and H-H co-operativity coefficients.
Description of a Gaussian fit
The Gaussian distribution is commonly used to model physical quantities that are on a continuous scale. It is often used in astronomy, engineering, physical chemistry, and biochemistry to model distributions of physical quantities such as the mass, energy, atomic number, or magnetic moment.
Gaussian fits are used to approximate any quantity that can be described with a probability distribution function. This includes proportions like the chance that a random number generated from a Gaussian distribution will lie between two values, or the likelihood that a set of experimental data came from some population.
The most common use of a Gaussian distribution is to estimate the probability that a data sample came from a normal distribution – to find the standard deviations of the data sample, or what constitutes a “normal” deviation from the data sample.
In many cases, we are not very interested in the probability of a data sample coming from a normal distribution, but in the mean of the distribution. For example, we may be interested in estimating the quantity σ from our Gaussian data sample, to give an idea of how close the data is to the mean value.
The simplest way of doing this is to use the

GMDH Streamline 3.6.2 Serial Number Full Torrent Download

GMDH Streamline is a spreadsheet based business and financial tool for data analysis and forecasting. It offers several important data collection and business support capabilities that help organizations prepare, analyze and make better informed decisions to improve their business performance.
The software features a GUI that provides an easy to use interface and helps users quickly identify data regions in spreadsheets and access the required info. It enables users to import data from Microsoft Excel, XLSB or XLSX files and quickly clean, edit, merge, extract or delete the rows of data.
It can also generate complete custom reports and graphs with simple user interface, and has the capabilities to integrate with Jaspersoft JasperReports and Microsoft SharePoint. It is also able to print the reports and produce standard Excellink formatted reports.
Data Explorer
This feature enables users to quickly scan through a database to monitor all the required details and access the info from a more centralized location. It helps users to validate and control data, order data through various groups, and see related information in a more organized manner. For a complete list of supported data types for Data Explorer, please refer to our Data Explorer documentation page.
A Windows based client that is easy to use for everyone. It is common to all users.
The product is constantly under development and enhancements and updates are available with every release.
• Data Explorer
• Database Development
• Data Cleaning and Configuration
• Data Extracting
• Data Key-Valueizing
• Data Integration
• Data Validating
• Data Verification
• Data Visualization
• Data Visualization Writing
• Filtering and Sort
• Report Generation
• Report Printing
• Summary Window
• Statistical Analysis
• Shared Library
• SQL Data Preparation
(4 languages supported):
• English
• Spanish
• French
• Japanese
• Support for all the latest versions
• Reviewed and up to date in terms of support
• Report Text
• Libraries
• Filtering
• Sorting
• Grouping
• Visualization
• Writing
• Validation
• Errors (if any)
• Summary Window
• Filtering
• Sorting
• Grouping
• Visualization
(4 languages supported):
• English
• Spanish
• French
• Japanese
• Support for all the latest versions
• Report Text
• Libraries
• Filtering
• Sorting
• Grouping
• Visualization
• Writing
• Val

What’s New In GMDH Streamline?

* Win and Mac compatible
* Two components for data processing: Business and Data Science
* Continuous-time forecasting (AO method)
* Very easy to use and learn, allowing any level of business users to use
* Create multiple forecasts, save or print them.
* Automatic extractions of factors, forecast horizon and intervals.
* Data Explorer provides all available information.
* A wizard sets all necessary steps.
* Report, save, print, save and print graphs
* Option to import and export to EMF
* Ability to compare pairs of forecasts.

GMDH Streamline, a forecasting software for Excel (VST) allows users to create, save and run various forecasts in Excel, with the capability to analyze correlations, curves and perform Pareto charts to find better patterns. The program can also calculate time series, surface, table and other scalar metrics.
GMDH Streamline is a forecasting software which allows users to process Excel data sheets and create forecasts in continuous time.
The application process can be initiated by simply clicking on the “New” button and then choosing which type of forecast users want to create. Forecast input can be adjusted such as time series, trend, line, surface, interval and scatter charts. Once the time range is set, users are able to select a series, start date and end date, as well as a horizon of up to 100 days. If there is no data, the program can also be set to calculate the forecast with a “fake” data.
GMDH Streamline allows users to choose different types of statistical functions to “normalize” the target values and create useful statistics such as IQR, mean, median, percentiles, R2, RMSE, MRR, MAE, MSE and PCA (principal component analysis).
The wizard also allows users to perform transformations, such as calculating derivatives, compute an average/weighted average over time and divide by time. A total of 20 different operations are available in GMDH Streamline and they allow users to create any combinations of data series. The program also allows users to save or print graphs and reports, as well as using different files formats as output: MS Excel, HTML, PDF and PNG.
GMDH Streamline is very easy to learn for beginner users as there is no need to enter any command line.

GMDH Streamline, a sophisticated forecasting software for Excel (VST)

System Requirements For GMDH Streamline:

Minimum System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
Intel processor (Pentium)
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
AMD processor (Athlon)
Memory: 256 MB
Disk space: 10 GB
Game saves (on hard drive): 10 GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 5xxx Series or Intel HD 4000 series or better.
i5 Intel processor, MacOS 10.10 or later.
i7 Intel processor, MacOS 10.10 or later.