With a long history behind it, years of experience and thousands of users worldwide, Photoshop is, without a doubt, the industry standard when it comes to photo manipulation and graphic design. In fact, its popularity is so widespread that its name became a verb, much like Google. It is habitual to say that an image has been “photoshopped”, which in the urban dictionary means that it was edited or manipulated, no matter the image editor that was used.
Photoshop's popularity relies on its versatility and its impressive feature set, which meets the requirements of professional photographers and artists, advertising specialists and graphic designers. Amazing results can be achieved once Photoshop’s capabilities are mastered and explored to their highest potential.
Creativity and imagination are the only limits 
Photoshop delivers a plethora of tools for image manipulation, while making no compromise on quality whatsoever. Its toolbox includes an overwhelming collection of image editing features both for raster images and vector graphics.
As expected with such a powerful and comprehensive application, it requires time, exercise, experimentation and practice to master, perhaps a significant amount of time spent watching tutorials and viewing usage examples to use at full potential. But once mastered, the rich graphics and the astounding images that can be obtained in Photoshop make it all worth it.
Give your photos a stunning, eye-catching look 
Layer-based editing is at the core of Photoshop, allowing image creation and manipulation using multiple overlays. Masks, filters, shadows and various other effects can be added to a layer.
With smart auto-correction capabilities, HDR imaging, color management tools, tons of effects and animations, there is no editing task that Photoshop cannot carry out. It allows you to change picture backgrounds and fix imperfections, or use effects and colors to make a photo be much more eye-catching.
It is not just editing tools that you have at hand, but also various drawing tools that bring you close to the real experience of painting in watercolor, spray-painting on a wall and achieve effects that you might not thought can be obtained in the digital world. Moreover, neural filters allow you to color a scene with a few clicks, combine landscapes to create collages or a new scenery and change face expressions in your photos. And, if that is not enough, the application’s functionality can be further extended using new plugins available both inside the application and in Creative Cloud.
Presenting the Photoshop family 
It is worth mentioning that the Photoshop family includes mobile tools that work together to provide a comprehensive and unmatched image manipulation suite. Photoshop Lightroom offers powerful image editing tools, Photoshop Express is the mobile Photoshop client that can be used on the go, while the Photoshop Camera is an app that allows capturing high-quality photos.
Needless to say, Photoshop seamlessly integrates with other of Adobe’s products, allowing you to import content from Illustrator, for instance.
The go-to image editing and manipulation software  
Photoshop is the emblematic application when it comes to photo editing, managing to challenge your creativity and design skills, while providing the tools and the functionality needed to obtain incredible art and amazing graphics.
Thanks to its clever selection tools, its professional-grade editing toolbox and its team collaboration and sharing options, Photoshop’s recognition as the industry standard has, indeed, a solid foundation.


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A quick search on YouTube gives you plenty of tutorials that will teach you all you need to know about Photoshop, as well as a multitude of other software tools that can be used to Photoshop images. You can check out this site: www.youtube.com.

Illustrator is used for vector (vector graphics) imagery. A vector is an image that is defined by points, or locations, that are placed on a point grid. These points are defined on a separate grid that is invisible until an object is placed on it. With a vector image, the grid lines and points are retained even after any text, shapes, and graphics are applied to them. Although you may hear Photoshop called a raster-based application, much of what’s done in a raster-based editing program is done in Illustrator. One of the major differences between the two programs is that Illustrator is vector-based. Because of this fact, you can often perform complex edits in the program instead of having to undo changes in the raster-based editing program and redo the edits in Illustrator.

In this book, I use both Photoshop and Illustrator because both programs have a variety of features that fit a variety of editing needs. If you decide you want to look into editing vector graphics, check out Adobe Illustrator: The Complete Guide by Chris Grover and Anne-Laure Decomps (both Wiley) as well as Adobe Illustrator: A Visual Quick Tour (both Wiley).

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator make up the heart of your digital photo editing program. This program allows you to perform a variety of tasks to improve your images, such as removing red-eye, correcting color balance, and removing blemishes and scratches. This book doesn’t attempt to teach you how to achieve all the results you can get with these programs. Instead, I focus on the steps I use when modifying, sharpening, and converting images. I include many of the tools you will need to apply the corrections. Just make sure that your tools are organized and easily accessible.

Ensuring a Pleasant Background

I often hear people say they want to take photos without a background. They want to take a good photo with the subject’s head in focus and with sharp detail. They may even say that they don’t like it when the sky is in the picture. They want great pictures with rich detail. However, most of the time, a background adds something to the subject. It may even add a

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However, it supports many of the photo editing features that professional photographers use the most. We have listed the features that Photoshop Elements lacks and which are available in Professional in this article.

If you are a new or experienced Photoshop user, then Photoshop Elements may be the perfect alternative for you.

Desktop app or online?

While Photoshop Elements is a free and gratis photo editor for desktop operating systems, like Windows and macOS, it also has a web version which is available for all major browsers.

You may even wish to use a smart device like an iPhone or a Galaxy to manage your photos. Most of the features are available on all these platforms.

Apple users may choose to install the Elements app for the latest version of macOS High Sierra. It is available as an App Store app.

More tools you can use on Photoshop Elements

Most of the tools that Photoshop Elements users would find useful in the professional version are available for use on the Elements edition. These include:



Automatic repair

This tool is available in the mobile app and on the Elements desktop app. It helps clean up photos and remove red-eye, lens vignetting and other issues.

Hue and Saturation

This tool allows for changing the color of the subject in an image by changing the hue and saturation.


Using the levels tool, you can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of an image.

Adjustment Layers

This is a layer that allows you to apply a selection to the picture to further edit the image.


This tool allows you to blur the photo to create a soft blur effect.


Using this tool, you can apply a black and white effect to the picture.


This tool allows you to sharpen the picture.


This tool allows you to add a drawing to the picture.


This tool allows you to adjust the color of an image by adjusting the curve.


This tool lets you to adjust the curves on the image.

Spot Healing Brush

This tool is used to repair minor cracks in the picture.

Smart Select

Using this tool, you can select similar pixels from one part of the picture to another.

Layers and channels

This tool lets you divide an image into layers, similar

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We’re continuing our look at the National Football League over the next few weeks. We’ll be breaking down each division, with a look at the AFC West and NFC West until all 32 are covered.

The No. 1 seed in the NFC this year is a three-point favorite over the second seed, and one of the most talked-about teams is the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks are averaging 22.7 points per game and are the first team in NFL history to finish with a record of 12-4 or better in each of its last six seasons. Seattle has also posted five or more wins in 10 of its last 12 regular-season games.

The Seahawks have gotten big scoring from their running game, as Marshawn Lynch leads the NFL with 603 rushing yards and Michael Robinson is third with 385, while no other running back has more than 100 yards in a game.

In this division, Seattle is the only team to beat Denver four consecutive years, having won the division in 2009 and 2010 and splitting the spoils with the Broncos in 2011.

The rest of the division hasn’t fared well against Seattle. In three meetings, the Seahawks outscored the San Francisco 49ers, 34-7, and the Arizona Cardinals, 37-7. The Seahawks beat the Cardinals in the regular-season finale and defeated the New York Giants in the Wild Card round.

Next up for Seattle is the San Francisco 49ers, a rematch from the regular-season finale. The teams haven’t played since the second week of the season and features two of the best quarterbacks in football in Russell Wilson (Seattle) and Colin Kaepernick (SF).

Wilson had a 37-24 win over San Francisco in Week 13 and has a 24-11 record against the 49ers. Kaepernick has been even more impressive, going 14-0 as a starter against Seattle, with just one loss in his first two seasons.

The 49ers on the whole have more talent and are better on the offensive side of the ball, but the Seahawks still have a good defense and have outscored the 49ers by 23 points per game, by far the most in the NFC West.


RB- Marshawn Lynch

If there’s any doubt that the Seahawks running game is legit, just look at Lynch’s efficiency numbers. He’s averaging 115.7 rushing yards per game this season,

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop?

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