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Keynote is another Power-based app that offers a number of features like text, video, and presentations. It’s very similar to Powerpoint.

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Sqord is a collection of handy Photoshop and graphic design tools and resources that allow you to design advanced images, memes and presentation slides in minutes and save them for easy use.

GridWP is a WordPress plugin that converts any web page into a web theme that allows you to display different web elements on the page, such as page headers, sidebars and footers, sidebar widgets, images, and contact forms and more.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking website that is used to find, save and share the photos, videos, recipes, and ideas that interest you and your followers.

Uploading videos to most social media sites is very easy. Simply use one of the applications below to upload videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

3. Graphics Design

Chalks is an online tool that empowers you to design your own and other cool charts. It allows you to add different chart elements, such as images, text, measurements, and data. It has several different chart elements which allow you to create really cool charts for use in presentations or in documents.

Wkhtmltopdf is a command-line tool for generating a PDF document directly from a webpage. It can convert any webpage into a PDF document without requiring any additional software.

Paparazzi is a lightweight desktop application which lets you create PDF files from websites. It allows you to click on the tool, add the address of the website you want to convert, choose the location of the document, and click on the convert button.

Isagenix is an online tool that creates your own signature for Facebook, LinkedIn, or the URL of your website. It has a wide range of fonts, colors, images, and background options that allow you to customize it to your liking.

Mogo PDF lets you combine multiple text, clip art, charts, line art, and images into one PDF file. This tool is very easy to use and highly effective.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker is a citation generator, bibliography manager, and a free citation maker. It can create a formatted bibliography from any website, MS Word or PDF document. It automatically creates an alphabetical or a chronological bibliography.

TopCoder is a platform for all the best online coding competitions. It allows you to create and participate in over 200 coding challenges. The top performing members get good jobs in the software industry.

Drafter is a plugin

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Nikos Kavvadias

Nikos Kavvadias is a Cypriot football club based in Kavalla, Paphos. They play in the Cypriot Second Division. Their home stadium is the Nikos Kavvadias Stadium.

The football club was founded on 30 December 1966. The original president of Nikos Kavvadias was Nikos Panayiotou and the first manager was Nicos Kyprianou, who also was the founder and owner of the club. The club’s colours are black and white.

In the 2011–12 season, Nikos Kavvadias achieved the first promotion to the Cypriot First Division. However, they were relegated again. In the 2013–14 season, they finished 9th in the Championship Group, avoiding relegation.


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addScript is not working in IE

I have an element with a div with my own classes. I am loading a script to add a click event to an anchor. The script loads just fine and my function is working just fine in Chrome and IE up to IE 8. However, when I try to load it in IE 9, I get the dreaded “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items…”. The script is loaded and seems to run just fine, but the anchor doesn’t have a click event.
Here is the code for my link:

And here is the script:
function addEvent() {
var fnAddEvent = document.getElementsByName(“collapse-calendar”)[0];
var liAddEvent = document.createElement(“li”);
var aAddEvent = document.createElement(“a”);
liAddEvent.setAttribute(“onclick”, “addEventFunction(‘” + fnAddEvent.getAttribute(“id

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In 1948, car maker Henry Ford II made an unorthodox change to his company’s business model. Mr. Ford sold 1.8 million of his own cars. Under the new plan, Ford would also sell millions of cars made by a new customer — the American taxpayer.

It’s hard to think of a more unappreciated customer, except for maybe the Weimer Republic’s. But that’s because politicians like to pretend that the United States is free of the sort of debt that haunts other nations. But if the concept of the public good were widely understood, the U.S. would feel the same kind of pressures that Europe is feeling now.

Ben Bernanke, former Federal Reserve chairman, and former Princeton economist Alan Blinder, co-author of a book on the Great Depression, warn in the new book “The Great Recoveries: Reducing the Tendency toward Busts and Slumps” that “America faces a long era of stagnation and inequality.” That’s because the U.S. does not generate enough economic growth, says Mr. Blinder.

“If we are not all much richer than we are now in 25 years, then you have a problem,” says Mr. Blinder. “You have a real problem.”

There are places that can grow, right? It may be a nice place to live, but it’s not growing. And that’s a problem, because income inequality in the U.S. has become a national story. According to the latest figures from the Census Bureau, the average income of a household with a head of household that has at least a bachelor’s degree is $78,743. In 2007, the average income of a household in the U.S. was a little over $46,000.

The chart here shows the difference between 2007 and 2008, when the U.S. lost 8 million jobs and the unemployment rate reached a high of 7.6 percent. The difference between those two years is a challenge not only for individuals. A number of economists, including Michael Boskin of the Hoover Institute, say that a continuing increase in income inequality makes it harder for the economy to grow and makes it harder for people to feel prosperous.

“If you are worried about income inequality, there is a reason to worry,” says Mr. Boskin.


System Requirements:

Visual Style Core
Visual Style Framework
Visual Style GUI
Visual Style Core is a component-based modular toolkit that provides an integrated and powerful set of tools for creating visual styles, while maintaining high extensibility. Most of the components in Visual Style Core are already available in Visual Style, as well as components that you may already be familiar with from other applications. In addition to extending the Visual Style GUI, each of the components in Visual Style Core has been given a more friendly face.