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Photoshop has two central editing operations, layers and masks. Layers are the layers where all of your color, brightness, and contrast adjustments can be performed, as well as adding text and symbols. A mask allows for the targeting of specific areas on the image to edit. Layers and masks are described in further detail on the following pages.

Dodge and Burn

The primary adjustment used in altering images in Photoshop is adjusting the color of an image. These adjustments can be done on a single image, but they are more effective when performed on layers.


If you are making a bright or light image, you can use Photoshop’s Dodge tool to darken the image. The Dodge tool can be used on a single layer or on all the layers in an image. If you want to be able to brighten the darkest parts of the image while darkening the brightest parts, you must use the Burn tool on a single layer.


To use the Dodge tool, click in the image area where you want to adjust the color. The image area will turn pink, indicating that it is the active area. Once the pink area is selected, you can click the Exposure button at the bottom of the Layers panel. The tool is now ready. Click the Foreground portion of the Hue-Saturation dialogue box, and adjust the sliders to the right. The image will be darkened in color where you click.

TIP: To desaturate or desaturate the image, use the Hue and Saturation dialog box.

Selecting the Dodge tool makes the image pink, indicating that it is the active area. If you want to adjust the color of the entire image, select all layers and click the Exposure button. This will apply the changes to all of the layers.

TIP: You can desaturate images by choosing the Desaturate layer in the Layers panel.


To burn an image, click in the image area where you want to darken the color. The image area will turn pink, indicating that it is the active area. Once the pink area is selected, click the Exposure button. The tool is now ready. Click the Background portion of the Hue-Saturation dialogue box, and adjust the sliders to the left. The image will be darkened in color where you click.

TIP: If you want to brighten or lighten all of the

Adobe Photoshop CC


1. Images have the option to be saved in high-quality JPEG format with a minimum amount of compression.

2. Easily resize images, rotating, cropping, or resampling without quality loss.

3. Images have the option to be saved in high-quality TIF format with a minimum amount of compression.

4. Text layers can be easily added, hidden, used for an image background, or moved.

5. Customize the toolbar and panels for easy workflow and organization.

6. Adjust individual layers such as exposure, color, lighting, shadows, colors, and levels.

7. Handy tools for easy composition such as fill a selection, and crop an image.

8. Provides special features for web design such as converting an image to GIF, JPG, or PNG.

9. Supports both landscape and portrait image formats for an extensive range of editing possibilities.

10. Organize and access files both locally and online through cloud and Internet sharing.

Other Photoshop features include:

11. Edit and merge multiple images and use content-aware fill to remove portions of an image while preserving the background.

12. Auto-correct, or spot-fix, problems in images.

13. Change the opacity or hardness of shadows or highlights.

14. Add or remove layers to zoom, crop, flip, merge, or resize an image.

15. Import, export, or publish images to social networks.

16. Free up memory with the Optimizer.

17. Change the gamma level, or “gamma,” of your image to make it appear brighter, darker or more vivid.

Adobe Photoshop CC Cracked Accounts is a professional photo editing software that provides creators with a powerful yet intuitive toolset and workflow to make their vision a reality. Photoshop is an essential tool for photo retouching, product design, web design, graphics, and video. The extensive features of Photoshop allow you to quickly and easily edit, enhance, repair, and correct images.

Adobe Photoshop CC highlights:

18. Edit any type of image.

19. Enhance photos, change colors, modify textures, and apply advanced effects.

20. Quickly upload, organize, and store your images.

21. Print photos from Photoshop to the built-in photo paper tray.

22. Convert images between multiple file

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