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**Figure 5-6:** Photoshop’s Layers palette.

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To create a new image, first select a file type (JPEG, TIFF, or GIF, for example) and a location (such as a folder on the desktop or another folder on your system). If you’re importing images, it’s best to use RAW files (the format offered in digital cameras) and then manually convert them to the desired file format.

After you create an image or choose an existing image to modify, you must create a new (or adjust an existing) layer in order to start making changes. Click the Layers palette (as shown in the margin) and select the New Layer icon to create a new layer.

To work with layers, arrange them on the canvas in the Layers palette in any way that you like. For example, you can drag a layer below a previous layer, or delete a layer by choosing it from the Layers palette and clicking the Delete Layer icon.

Whatever layer you add to the canvas goes on top of all the other layers on the canvas. Any changes you make to a layer are added to the image after you save your file. To undo or reverse a change to a layer, simply click the layer’s eye in the Layers palette and choose Reverse from the menu that appears.

Moving and Adjusting Layers

You can drag a layer on top of another layer or to one side of a layer. Just click where you want to place the new layer.

You can also adjust the transparency of a layer by dragging the layer’s opacity slider. Set the layer’s opacity to 0 percent for completely transparent or to 100 percent for completely opaque.

To move a layer or use it as a backdrop, drag the layer from one part of your image to another. You can also use the Move tool to adjust the position of a layer in a

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16 Crack +

There are many different ways to edit images in Photoshop.

Whether you have been an avid photographer since the darkroom days or an amateur using some downloadable photo editing software, you have probably used Photoshop at least once in your life.

Basic functions

The first thing you will need to know is the basic Photoshop functions. These functions are described in detail below.

Hover over an icon to see what it does.

Filter > Blur > Motion Blur (Filters > Blur > Motion Blur)

Group (Window > Group)

Layer (Window > Layers)

Layer (Right click, and then click on the layer name)

Resize (Control + click or drag to resize)

Double-click a layer in the Layers palette to flip or invert it.

Move (Control + drag to move)

Or use the Edit > Move tool (note that you can also hold down Control and use the mouse scroll wheel to move)

Transform (Control + click or drag to transform)

View (Control + click or drag to view the image)

Zoom (Control + click or drag to zoom in or out)

Color and Filter (Color > Adjustments > Color)

Adjustments (Window > Adjustments)

Effects (Window > Effects > Adjustment Tools)

Effects > Blur > Blur (Filters > Blur > Blur)

Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur (Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur)

Effects > Blur > Motion Blur (Filters > Blur > Motion Blur)

Effects > Gamma Correction > Brightness and Contrast (Filters > Adjustments > Brightness > Brightness)

Effects > Gamma Correction > Gamma (Filters > Adjustments > Gamma)

Effects > Image > Adjustment > Curves (Filters > Adjustments > Curves)

Effects > Image > Adjustment > Levels (Filters > Adjustments > Levels)

Effects > Light > Exposure (Filters > Enhance > Exposure)

Effects > Lens Correction > Lens Correction (Filters > Adjustments > Lens Correction)

Effects > Opacity > Opacity (Filters > Adjustments > Opacity)

Effects > Shadows > Midtones > Highlights (Filters > Enhance > Shadows)

Effects > Shadows > Shadows (

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