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ABCAUS – INVENTORY Serial Key is a maintenance-free Excel template for small to medium-sized businesses.
ABCAUS – INVENTORY offers complete protection of your precious business data.
1. Have a customized look and feel
2. Be a smooth user without learning complicated Excel functions
3. Start and close an invoice using a simple template
4. Generate the following reports
5. Link to other programs using VBA
6. Calculate simple discounts
7. Data transfer between ABCAUS – INVENTORY and other Excel
8. Show detailed inventory information
9. Inventory Detail Report
10. Inventory Closing Balance Report
The template for ABCAUS – INVENTORY
ABCAUS – INVENTORY is based on worksheets.
To create a new workbook using ABCAUS – INVENTORY, follow these steps:
1. Click Insert – Worksheets
2. Name your worksheets.
3. Click OK.
4. Save the new workbook in CSV format.
5. To open your ABCAUS – INVENTORY worksheet, double-click on any of the worksheets.
6. If ABCAUS – INVENTORY is protected, “Unprotect Worksheet” must be
For more information on how to use ABCAUS – INVENTORY
or to purchase a license, visit www.abcaus.comQ:

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ABCAUS – INVENTORY Crack With Product Key (Final 2022)

ABCAUS – INVENTORY is a template for Excel designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It can deal with three store locations and generates the following reports:
1. Master Record of data
2. Inventory Tranzaction Reports:
· Store Location-wise
· Inventory Item-wise
· Vendor-wise
· Inventory Valuation; and
· Inventory Closing Balances and Values
Program Flow:
To begin a record creating an account record is required.
The account profile data which is required for Account profile data includes:
1. Account Name
2. Email
3. Contact Name
4. Web Address (Optional)
5. Phone Number (Optional)
6. BULK Import Locaton (Optional)
After the Account Creation is done, Account Information is required to create the account record information.
The account profile data which is required for Account profile data includes:
1. Account Name
2. Website
3. Phone Number
4. BULK Import Location
After the Account Information is done, the field data for the record is collected.
The field data includes:
1. Serial Number
2. Part Number
3. Description
4. UPC
5. SKU
6. Quantity
7. Date Added
8. Date of Last Change
9. Date of Creation
10. Date of Last Change
11. Date of Valuation
12. Date of Allocation
13. Date of Entry
14. Date of Return
15. Vendor Name
16. Allocation Mode
17. Valuation Mode
18. Class Type
19. Weight
20. UOM
21. Qty
22. Date
23. None
24. Status
25. Vendor Code
26. IsDiscount
27. IsRoundup
28. IsGift
29. Price Amount
30. Sales Price
31. Production Qty
32. Normal qty
33. Gain/Loss
34. Disc Qty/Seq
35. IsExpense
36. IsDel
37. Item Code
38. ClsCode
39. Qty On Hand
40. Qty On Order
41. Item Group
42. Gain/Loss
43. Calendar Year/ Month
44. Calendar Month
45. Date
46. Discount/DiscQty
47. RoundUp/RoundOff
48. DiscountVal/RoundOff
49. Entry


The Inventory management module provides control on all items the business sells,
whether inventories should be taken, how to take inventories, how many times a
year, how many stores, etc. It also handles listing of items, balancing current
inventory, updating of records and calculation of values as well as inventory
closing balances. Reporting of inventory management to management is done with
the Inventory Report module.
ABCAUS – INVENTORY System requirements:
ABCAUS – INVENTORY is a MS Excel spreadsheet. It requires a minimum MS Excel
version of 2003 or later. The required version cannot be determined by ABCAUS
as it may be in use with other software.
Installation instructions:
Connect to internet.
Download the file ABCAUS – from the website below or from, open the downloaded file and extract the MS Excel
template to a location where you can access it. Enter the cell where you want the
data to be entered.
Optionally, select a different color theme for ABCAUS – INVENTORY.
1. Enter data in the worksheet cells and apply the color codes to the cells.
2. Select the add-ins icon on the ribbon. Click on the Modules tab.
3. Click on the library tab. Select the module you wish to edit.
4. Click on the User Experience tab.
5. Click on the user interface tab.
6. Click on the appearance tab.
7. Click on the advanced tab.
8. Click on the file tab.
9. Click on the format tabs and edit the format of the sheet.
10. Click on the menu tab. Select the option you wish to edit.
11. If you wish to add the inventory record, select the add option in the menu.
If you wish to delete the inventory record, select the remove option.
12. Click on the tab in the menu that you want to adjust.
13. You can now close the window.
1. ABCAUS – INVENTORY provides a built-in database for keeping a stock
inventory in a database. The database includes four main tables,
which represent the four types of tables in any SQL database.

What’s New in the ABCAUS – INVENTORY?

This package allows you to enter a single master record of data into
the selected location.
It supports various reporting options for inventory change transactions
The package can show sales and purchases for each item sold in a
Such transactions are filtered by item type (or any other criteria)
and recorded by the price charged (or the commission
paid) in cash or paid by credit card.
The vendor, customer and price billed information are also recorded
by the unique invoice number assigned to each transaction.
The main features of the software include:
Locating specific record(s) in an existing record
Locating a specific record in a particular location
Generating reports
Exporting records to MS Excel
Reconciliation of the inventory in a specified store
Comparing two stores against each other
Archive options
ABCAUS – INVENTORY Free Trial Version:
You can download a free trial version of the product.
This is a stand-alone version that allows you to run the full version of the ABCAUS – INVENTORY package for 30 days.
The FREE trial version of the software will permit you to:
– View the product demo;
– Add two stores;
– Display the reports specified;
– Print reports.
ABCAUS – INVENTORY Serial License:
You can purchase a serial license for ABCAUS – INVENTORY package.
It is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The license fee for the ABCAUS – INVENTORY package is $695.
You can obtain the licensed copy of the ABCAUS – INVENTORY package on a CD-ROM
or from our website.

Detailed Report for ABCAUS – INVENTORY

It can deal with three store locations and generates the following reports:
1. Master Record of data
2. Inventory Tranzaction Reports:
· Store Location-wise
· Inventory Item-wise
· Vendor-wise
· Inventory Valuation; and
· Inventory Closing Balances and Values




Price: $695.00

Upgrade Cost:

Email support:

Extra Options:

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Open

System Requirements For ABCAUS – INVENTORY:

Windows OS; Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
In-Game Sound: Windows: Direct X 9.0c or higher, Mac OS X: Metal and or Core Audio
iPad/iPhone iOS 7.1.2 or higher
Resolution: 1280×800
Storage: 2GB
Input: Keyboard (Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys, and mouse supported)
More Information: (Requires signing up to access)
Game Center: None
Mature Content: None