3D Sound Tester [32|64bit] (April-2022)

3D Sound Tester Activation Code is an application designed to test the ability of 3D audio codecs to output 3D sound. Even though 3D sound isn’t useful for most applications, the possibility to listen to audio from more than one direction is definitely great. With 3D Sound Tester you can quickly check which of your sound cards can be used for 3D audio output.
3D Sound Tester allows you to test your sound card, speaker system, or headphones for 3D audio functions. The application lets you compare how different audio files, whether with 3D audio or not, sound. You can test audio in mono, stereo, surround, and even let the sound come from different areas. While you can explore the different locations, the sound is tested continuously.
How to use the 3D Sound Tester software:
The 3D Sound Tester software is available in both of its free and a proprietary version. The free version lets you test one sound file at a time, as well as let you compare up to five sound files at once. In the proprietary version, the application supports up to 20 sound files. It also offers support for MP3, Windows Media and WAV files. You can drag and drop files on to the application’s main window to test them. All files need to be sampled at 44100 Hz.
How do I download the 3D Sound Tester software?
We recommend you download the free version of the 3D Sound Tester software. The program is available on the Internet at SourceForge.net.
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3D Sound Tester Crack + With Key PC/Windows

Cracked 3D Sound Tester With Keygen is a simple application that can be used to check whether your sound card can output high-quality 3D sound. It lets you choose between 4 different views of your test sound – 2 of them are free, while 2 are paid for.
Top Features:

The program’s main window displays an interactive area on which it is possible to drag and drop files.

Setting up test

After a short and uneventful process, you’re free to run the application to check out its set of features. However, accommodation only takes a matter of seconds, with the main window putting an interactive preview area at your disposal and a few controls for playback and file opening.

Unfortunately, the application does not support drag and drop, so you’re forced to use the built-in open dialog and navigate through your computer to pick a sound file. Don’t get too excited, because only the WAV file format is supported. What’s more, the target file needs to be sampled at 44100 Hz, otherwise it can’t and won’t load it.

Best used with headphones

If you haven’t given up hope on the application by now and managed to load a file, the rest is mostly up to your ears. As the name suggests and the interface points out, features are used to test out the 3D capabilities of your audio card by simply choosing where the sound comes from by dragging an object across a highly-intuitive area, fitted with all directions and a center area, which is supposed to be you.

Hitting the “Play” button puts the file in a continuous loop until you hit “Stop”. This comes in handy, especially if the length is short and lets you comfortably analyze sound from different parts. For a proper experience, it’s best you put your headphones on.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that 3D Sound Tester Serial Key is a lightweight and straightforward application designed for quick and simple audio testing. The biggest disappointment is file support, especially because of sampling limitations. It’s intuitive overall, letting anyone check out whether or not a sound card can be used for high-quality, 3D audio output.

User Reviews

Somewhat overrated i thought. If you have a soundcard with a decent 7.1 or 11.1 option and have a control app like foobar on windows 7 do a test on that.

agreed, 3d sound was always

3D Sound Tester Activation Code For Windows

3D Sound Tester is a small, simple tool for testing your audio card and setting up surround sound. You just have to select your audio file, hit play, and move a 3D graphic to control the direction of the sound. Once you have a sound card, it’s time to do the same for your speakers. If you’re lucky, they have audio jacks to connect to your sound card. Otherwise, you’ll have to borrow your friends speakers, and your friend will need to get back to you later with the correct cables.Q:

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What’s New in the 3D Sound Tester?

3D Sound Tester is simple application to test your audio card 3D audio output sound. It gives you the surround sound experience.

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System Requirements For 3D Sound Tester:

1. You must have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher installed.
2. You must have Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher.
3. You must have DirectX 9.0
4. You must have at least 128MB of RAM (must be at least 256MB for the full version)
5. You must have a CD-ROM drive
6. You must have a graphics card with a 32-bit (32-bit compatible only) DirectX 9.0 or higher compatible chipset
Download: VISUELAN