The 3 Way Channel Changer VST plugin will allow you to change the transmitting midi channel of your master keyboard on the fly.
Will simply turn the knob (or slider) assigned to the CC message chosen using the “CC #” knob:
– when it is in the “0” position the transmitting channel is the first indicated above “Channel #”, when in the middle position (“64”) is the second, and when in the end position (“127”) is the third;
– a led show the transmitting channel in use. All the four knobs can be turn from the VST panel or using the parameters assignment in your host.







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– About speed : you can set a minimum and maximum frequency (in Hz) and a minimum and maximum number of channels to change (0 to 8).
– About options : change all information used in the transion process like the Transition time, Send or Return Time and MIDI info.
Using the parameters you can set the Transmit Time and when the transmit and the Change time begin or end. Note that the default values are acceptable and will only allows to change one channel (CC 64) at a time.
Using this plugin you can have more channels than you would in a normal “Channel 1” to “Channel 16” type of interfaces.
Included in this plugin are:
– Small (8k) VSTi for Windows (32 and 64 bits) and OSX VSTi
– Full version for DDK and Win32 (32 and 64 bits) sample applications.

Default settings :
– Transmit time : 350 ms
– Change time : 10 ms
– Transmit CC : CC 64
– Transmit CC Message : 100 %
– Changing time : 350 ms
– Send time : 400 ms
– Return time : 200 ms
– MIDI info : None
Transition time will be used to calculate how long it will take before the change is complete (or the transition). If you want to use some other values to calculate the transion time, just put a special description for it.

The 3 Way Channel Changer VST plugin will allow you to change the receiving midi channel of the selected MIDI channel without using the midi CC messages.

– 9 channel interaction: The main problem we have got with MIDI interfaces (and for example MIDI controllers like the Behringer UMC404) is that there are only 9 MIDI channels that can be used (with a traditional midi interface). This plugin solve this problem by using up to 9 range of MIDI channels (with fixed amount of MIDI channels between channel 0 and channel n) :

– Channel 0 : >from channel -3
– Channel 1 : -from channel
– Channel 2 : from channel 1
– Channel 3 : -from channel 2
– Channel 4 : from channel 3
– Channel 5 : -from channel 4
– Channel 6 : from channel 5
– Channel 7 : -from channel 6
– Channel 8 : from channel 7
– Channel 9 : -from channel 8

Channels from 3 to

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This plugin will work with software synthesizer like “Spectrasonics Omnisphere”, “Native Instruments Maschine”, “Ultimate Virtual Keys”, “Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6”, etc.

This version added the following functionalities:
– when assigned to the channel parameter using the assigned to the CC message, the channel will be replaced with new one (0 – 5 in master channel);
– when assigned to the channel parameter using the assigned to the CC message, the channel will be replaced with new one (0 – 5 in master channel);
– if the synthesizer is assigned with a 8-step sequencer (playing mode) and when is used channel control – the sequencer will skip the step (5 – 8 in master channel);
– if the synthesizer is assigned with a 8-step sequencer (playing mode) and when is used channel control – the sequencer will skip the step (5 – 8 in master channel);
– for example if you insert the Control Knob in on Channel 5 – the sequencer will skip 8 steps, then is back in Channel 0;
– the sequence of received CC messages (unbound) can be used in “notes on” or “sequence list” of the sequencer.
The Sequence will be updated every time the CC message is received.

All 3-Way CC Changer VST plugin functionalities are based on the 3-Way channel changer CC Changer project.

VST Runtime is fully dynamic, needs only 8 KB of disk space and can work with all hosts VST based, like:  Apple Logic, Microsoft Audio Mixer, Steinberg Cubase, Virtual Studio Technology, Nuendo, Cakewalk Sonar and Studio 8/Master Professional 44.

Please visit the project page at : 
 Version2.0.0.000 is here: 


– You can download and install this plugin with the supplied VST installer.

– On Mac OS X using the “VST Plugin Installer” VST utility will open and install the plugin.

– On Windows it will install the plugin using the command line installer included.

– In any case, you can also extract

3 Way Channel Changer

This VST plugin has three channels with different sending midi channel.
In one of the channels, midi controllers are assigned and in channel 2, controls are assigned and finally in channel 3 all controllers are assigned.
When you press a controller on the assigned channel, the channel changes to the indicated number.  Again press that controller and the channel changes to the other channel.
Channel 1: All controllers.
Channel 2: Control assigned.
Channel 3: All controllers.
Each channel is assigned its own CC message that can be changed to send to the selected channel. So CC 0 will send to channel 1, CC 64 will send to channel 2, CC 127 will send to channel 3.
The parameters of this plugin
Channel #: number of channel from 0 (first channel) to 127 (last channel)

Position: set the position from 1 to 64 (off=0, on=64, mid=64, on or off=64)
Act: set a “switch” button to the “on” (press to on) or “off” (press to off) state
Channel type: set the CC message that is assigned to the “0” position channel when in on “on” state and vice-versa (0/on, 1/off, 2/on, 3/on)

This plugin allows you to change the parameters CC message, which is assigned to the three channels, in a simple way. It will be very helpful when you are busy or doing work when you want to change the transmitting channel without stop working. It is really a handy plugin to have.

Author – Patrick Allemann

It is ok if you like this channel changer plugin – buy and support the author.

For more info about Patrick Allemann visit:

Please feel free to browse his projects.

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What’s New In?

+ * Changing the midi channel of the Master that is sending the CC. (One of the 4 channel picker of the channel group.
+ * you can choose a midi channel number of the cc message and the Midi Channel of the Hosts is the parameter to set.
+ * You can assign any key used to set the Midi channel of the host, that will be just a midi note when you play the pad on the VST panel or played on the keyboard.
+ * You can assign any key or control one note of the VST channel to change the Midi channel number of the cc.
+ * The Midi Channel you change can be different from VST plugin assigned.
+ * You can hide the channel editor, and using the parameters of a button to show/hide the buttons to choose the Midi Channel (if you set a midi channel # on your parameter set).
+ * You can choose the function to edit the midi channel number (ctrl, keyboard down + canc, keyboard up + ctrl).
* the parameters of the button of the midi channel shown if you select the Edit button, you can see the base of the parameter set to change the midi channel
* On the button of the channel editor if you press ctrl + keyboard down + canc, if you use the midi channel button on a channel, will show the message number of the midi channel.
* you can see the Midi channel of the Host (the assigned CC channel number) in the Parameters Set
* the chart of the midi channel number of the plugin can show the midi channel of the VST (for now, only the midi channel assigned to the VST).
* If you save a midi channel changed, the VST will remember the new midi channel used
* the VST plugin take the time to change the midi channel when you assign a value to a midi channel to change the midi channel used (The VST change the midi channel and take the time to change the channel in the vst. NOTE: if you set a number on your parameter set to change the midi channel to use it will take time more and change the midi channel in VST)
+ the midi channel used in the vst are displayed the same number than the channel you set (until change the midi channel of the vst to change the midi channel used.

System Requirements For 3 Way Channel Changer:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.2 GHz AMD Phenom
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card with 1 GB of VRAM
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: Any DirectX 9 sound card.
Additional Notes:
Requires 32-bit or 64-bit game version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition